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IIAR> Primer: What is the Analyst Relations (AR) role and the AR job description?

IIAR> Primer: Who are industry analysts and what do they do?

IIAR> Primer: Analyst Relations and Industry Analysts – The 7+7+7  Golden Rules of Engagement

IIAR> Primer: Future Shock: The Coming State of Analyst Relations

IIAR> Primer: Why should startups and scale-ups have an analyst relations strategy?

IIAR> Best Practices Papers

One of the IIAR> core missions is gathering and sharing analyst relations best practices. The IIAR> Best Practice Papers is the authoritative library of professional knowledge, authored by AR practitioners and for AR practitioners, on the whole range of analyst relations topics and processes that are of interest to its members. Papers may be donated by service providers and members, or commissioned by IIAR>. The IIAR> is a professional trade association, independent from commercial interests including with analyst firms. The reports are designed to highlight the experts and share best practice for particular AR topics. Membership is required to access those papers (see link to the Members area above).

IIAR> Best Practices Paper: Engage the right audience, using analyst tiering

IIAR> Best Practices Paper: running and leveraging analyst inquiries

IIAR> Best Practices Paper: Best Practices Paper:  Delivering AR Programmatically with Campaigns

IIAR> Best Practices Paper: Best Practices Paper: Running an industry analyst briefing

IIAR> Best Practices Paper: Building an effective AR plan to align analysts with your business goals

IIAR> Best Practices Paper: Scaling AR Reach – Connecting with the Long Tail is a Must for Your Influencer Strategy

IIAR> Best Practices Paper: The AR Compass

IIAR> Viewpoints

The IIAR> Viewpoints are abstracted notes from our monthly calls on topical subjects. Membership is required to access those papers (see link to the Members area above).

IIAR> Viewpoints: Forrester April 2023 price increases

IIAR> Viewpoints: Leverage your AR programme for marketing enablement

IIAR> Viewpoints: Using analysts and third-party advisors to create thought leadership content

IIAR> Viewpoints: AR as spokespeople


Planned IIAR> Best Practice Papers

We are working on a series of new papers, in our new format.

  • Managing peer reviews
  • Running analyst advisory days

If you are interested in authoring a paper for the IIAR, we’d love to hear from you! Writing a white paper or a case study for the IIAR also counts towards the new AR Advanced Certification qualification. For more details, please contact us at info (at) analystrelations (dot) org.

Please contact Ludovic if you’d like to contribute subjects, review papers or would like to volunteer in any ways.

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