IIAR> Best Practices Paper: Delivering AR Programmatically with Campaigns

IIAR> Best Practices Webinar: Delivering AR Programmatically with Campaigns

This new IIAR> Best Practices Paper will be presented in a discussion co-hosted by Sarita Kincaid (LinkedIn, @saritakAR) / Senior Director Analyst Relations, SugarCRM, Robin Schaffer (LinkedIn, @robinjs19) / Principal AR Consultant, Schaffer AR and Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovic, LinkedIn), / IIAR> Co-Founder and Board Member, Founder Starsight Communications.  

This how-to webinar signposts how to design and execute analyst relations campaigns, aligned with business objectives, that lead to successful outcomes for companies, products and services, AR teams and target analysts. It comprises the following elements:

  • Defining an AR campaign as the basic implementation module of an AR plan, comprising a set of outreach tactics on a single theme with a specific set of desired outcomes or KPIs
  • How to develop campaigns to achieve relevant AR objectives, aligning with company goals
  • How to organise a series of campaigns: each with specific themes; each with objectives feeding in AR goals, each with own metrics
  • How to employ appropriate elements of the AR toolbox within each campaign
  • How to make sure all stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities so that analyst campaigns achieve their desired outcomes.

The learnings are intended for AR Managers looking at creating their AR plans but should be of interest to all levels of AR practitioners.

IIAR> Best Practices Paper: Delivering AR Programmatically with Campaigns

Publication date: February 2021

Microsoft Word – 2201_IIAR_Best_Practice_paper_AR__campaigns_v02.docx


• Chloe Roberts / Starsight Communications

IIAR> Webinar: Delivering AR Programmatically with Campaigns

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