The Value of Membership

The IIAR> is focused on four core objectives for communications professionals involved in working with the IT analyst community globally – whether as a full-time or part-time role

  1. To create awareness of and research the value of industry analysts
  2. To create, create awareness of, and advocate on behalf of, the global community of AR professionals
  3. To develop and share AR knowledge and best practices
  4. To influence the analyst community to optimize the ways in which they engage with the technology supplier community

The specific value of membership depends very much on your own focus and existing experience and expertise in working with analysts

If the analyst community is a new or part-time part of your role

Being a member of the IIAR will provide you with all the information you need to start building effective analyst relationships and to build an effective AR program within your organization

  • Access to a wide knowledgebase covering the full breadth of Analyst Relations (AR) to help you learn the key skills needed
  • A library of analyst firm profiles and presentation materials to build your knowledge of the market
  • Access to the library of prior association webinars to help you develop best practices
  • Free access to all association webinars
  • Monthly newsletter outlining changes in the industry and providing guidance and advice
  • Free access to both formal and informal local events
  • Online Q&A forums to gain insight, advice and answers from experienced AR practitioners
  • Career development resources
  • Option to become a certified AR professional ( a recognized qualification to assist in developing your career profile)
  • Access to regular AR and analyst benchmark analysis

If you have a few years of AR experience

  • Use the knowledgebase to extend your knowledge and skillset
  • Keep updated using the analyst firm profiles and presentations in the IIAR library
  • Use the upcoming and library of recorded webinars (and associated materials) to keep yourself up-to-date on best practices and industry changes
  • Network and build your knowledge at formal and informal local events
  • Build a network of valuable analyst contacts
  • Use the online Q&A forums to help answer some of the more difficult situations that can arise (for examples with sales engagement, measurement, analyst assessments)
  • Build your professional skills (e.g. advanced certification) and keep abreast of opportunities in the market
  • Access the regular AR and analyst benchmark analysis to keep you informed

If you are an AR expert

  • Build your profile in the industry through active participation in the blog, newsletter, online forums and events
  • Network with your peers in other firms both online and at events
  • Keep up-to-date on changes happening within the industry
  • Develop new IIAR core materials (e.g. whitepapers, benchmark studies) to help develop your profile in the market
  • Work with the IIAR expert team to collectively lobby the analyst community on behalf of the AR profession

All this for virtually free!

Join now for only GPB 50 (around USD 60 / EUR 55) one-off joining fee. Our annual membership is GBP 200 (around USD 250 / EUR 220 depending on exchange rates) with group rates from 5 members.

Why wait?  Click here to  JOIN NOW and start to benefit immediately.

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