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UK Chapter

Tim O’Sullivan (LinkedIn,@osullytim)
Anja Steinmann / IIAR UK Chapter Co-Lead Anja Steinmann / (LinkedIn, @AnjaSteinmann), BT Global Analyst & Consultant Relations

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Canada & US Chapter

Andrew Hsu / Spotlight AR for the IIAR Website Andrew Hsu (@andrew0hsu, LinkedIn), is the co-founder and Managing Partner at Spotlight AR.

Location: Kansas City, USA.

Responsibility: IIAR programme of events

German Chapter

Yvonne Kaupp, IIAR German Chapter co-lead Yvonne Kaupp (@YveKauppLinkedIn)
Analyst Relations & Market Strategy at Retarus GmbH.
Location: Munich, GermanyClick on her picture to read all the posts by Yvonne.
Simon Jones, IIAR German Chapter co-lead Simon Jones (@simondestrierLinkedIn)
MD, Destrier AR
Location: Munich, GermanyClick on his picture to read all the posts by Simon.