IIAR> AR Professional Interview


IIAR> Monthly Meet-up June 21

How does AR supports returning to the workplace? Join us on Thursday 03 June 2021 for our monthly IIAR> virtual meet-up to discuss the topic of how AR can support the return to the workplace. Chosen by our members please bring your ideas and questions to this session with fellow AR pros to discuss approaches to how …

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Ricarda Rodatus / VP Analyst Relations, Oracle (IIAR website)

Around Ricarda Rodatus from Oracle, IIAR> AR Team of the Year 2019 in 10 questions

Ricarda Rodatus (@rodatusr, LinkedIn) is the VP of Analyst Relations at Oracle, leading the analyst relations team recognised  last Thursday night as the IIAR> AR Team Of The Year 2019 discloses which analyst she misses the most and reveals a French secret.

Amal Nichols / Cisco on the IIAR website

Around Amal Nichols from Cisco in 10 questions

We have the privilege today to interview this year’s IIAR AR Professional 2018 and heading the  IIAR AR Team of the Year 2018, Amal Nichols (@nicholsamal, LinkedIn),Director, Global Analyst Relations at Cisco. She must be doing something right! What’s been your career path to becoming an AR pro? Like many in our field, I started out in …

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