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Logo IIAR AR Professional of the YearThe third winner of the IIAR Analyst Relations Professional of the Year 2017, for Latin America, Renata Barros / Cisco (@RenataBarros, LinkedIn) gives us some insights on how she rose to the challenge and sees influence in her region. Sorry, theatre.

1. What’s been your career path to becoming an AR pro?

Renata Barros, Cisco - IIAR Professional of the Year 2017 for LatAmAll my background is on Corporate Communications, so, in somehow analysts are always part of my work, but let me think… Well, it has been a long time ago. Back to 2000-2001, when Yankee Group was one of my customers, while working for a PR Agency. That was when my relationship with analysts increased. After that, I had Analysts Relations as one of my responsibilities when working for Avaya and now, at Cisco, as my main role, analysts is part of my everyday work. I am glad that I was able to build the AR Program for Latin America since 2013.


2. What are your opinions of the IT Analyst Marketplace and where do you see it going?

I am happy to see IT industry analysts increasing in Latin America. Firms are seeing the potential of our region and the importance of having local analysts to support the business.
Therefore, I see the Latin America market increasing, and the value of an analyst’s influence also gaining more importance for customers. Finally, analysts are helping companies to build their digital transformation agenda.


3. What’s your typical day like?

Each day is different and new discussions come up. One of the best things of working for Cisco is flexibility and the possibility of working from anywhere, which increases our productivity and allow us to balance our life and work.
Having said that, usually I work from home 2-3 times a week. That way I divide my day on meetings with analysts, inquiries, discussions with my stakeholders, internal meetings, planning, emails, quarterly performance review calls, workshops, and events. In addition, most of my time is dedicated to Brazil and Mexico but I also cover the other countries in Latin America. Therefore, I need to be very organized to prioritize and focus on different regions and technologies.


4. Now, c’mon, tell me an Analyst horror story?

Honestly, I can’t remember any horror story! Should I have one?


5. How does your company structure its AR team?

Cisco has a tremendous AR team, and it is divided by architectures/technologies/verticals and each member has global
responsibility. In additional, we also have AR pros covering what we call theatres that is divided by regions such as EMEA, APAC, Americas (including Latin America). With a great leader to orchestrate all of us.


6. Tell us about one good experience you have had with an analyst or analyst firm?

There is no way to tell you only one good experience…most of my experiences are good. I work with an amazing group of analysts.


7. Which analyst firm do you miss that’s been acquired or analyst that’s left the industry?

Yankee Group and Fernando Belfort.


8. What’s your favorite niche analyst firm and why?

I like them all. Again, I don’t feel like mentioning only one.


9. What innovations have you seen from other AR teams or developed in your own AR practice?

A great example for me is C-Scape, Cisco’s global analyst event that we do once a year at Cisco Live US, and its regional version such as the C-Scape Latin America. It is a great opportunity for industry analysts to hear “everything”, about the company!


10. In your experience what’s the best way to get more engagement with the executives that you support?

Planning, defining the AR Program goals aligned to business outcomes, highlighting sales impact, showing how analysts can bring insights into the business and how they are influencing customer’s buying decisions, and for sure, delivering results.



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