IIAR> Best Practices Webinar: Peer Review Websites

IIAR> Webinar with Sarita Kincaid ,Robin Schaffer, Noelle C. Shipley, Ludovic Leforestier / IIAR> and Starsight, 8th November 2023

Peer review sites (PRS), platforms such as Gartner Peer Insights, G2,  TrustRadius, Software Reviews, have rapidly grown in influence, becoming critical forums where buyer perceptions are shaped. According to a new best practice report from the IIAR> this means AR teams can no longer afford to ignore these sites, but should instead incorporate them into core programs. The IIAR> Best Practice Webinar focuses on the findings from this paper and in particular on:

  • How to define joint ownership of PRS between AR and marketing
  • Why developing a strategic approach to peer review sites is key
  • What is the focus and USP of different peer review sites
  • How to motivate cross-team collaboration on PRS
  • How to maximise the internal use of reviews
  • How to develop processes to identify qualified reviewers
  • How to continuously monitor PRS performance
  • How to evolve towards a true VoC program

This webinar will be lead by the IIAR> Editorial Committee:

Date> Wednesday 8th November 2023
Time> 0800 PDT / 1100 EDT / 1600 GMT / 1700 CEST (other time zones)

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This webinar is free to IIAR> members

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