Noelle Shipley

IIAR Peer Review TrustRadius

IIAR> Peer Review Firm Update – TrustRadius

In March 2023, the IIAR> conducted a member group discussion about Peer Review firms/sites, and the IIAR> editorial team is working on a Viewpoint paper that will offer a framework for strategy and tactics for working with Peer Review sites. To keep the beat going on this hot subject, now the time has come to …

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IIAR> Webinar with Ventana, November 2022

IIAR> Webinar with Ventana

Who’s turning 20 and perhaps is the biggest secret in the world of industry analysts? Yes, it’s Ventana Research. This is your chance to learn about Ventana’s team, methodology, research plan and coverage, and more. Ventana offers its clients a wide range of expertise about digital business including coverage on business continuity, digital communications, digital payments, …

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