New IIAR Best Practices Paper on AR Measurement

With AR budgets ever under pressure and AR as a discipline moving increasingly towards a shared-risk/rewards engagement model with the analysts, what should AR measurement look like? Is there still a place for measuring pure operational activity or should the AR community be looking more towards demonstrating its strategic contribution to the business, and measuring real impact on the sales cycle?

This new IIAR Best Practices paper by Ellie Warner (LinkedIn@elliewarner) provides plenty of vendor and service provider examples, tips and food for thought for AR professionals wanting to build or improve their AR measurement programs. Available to IIAR members to download free-of-charge from the IIAR website at it can be viewed and downloaded by going to Library -> Best Practice White Papers and Teleconferences -> White Papers.

The link for IIAR members is here.

Should we be asking the analyst community, or is it up to us to define our picture of success? Operational or outcome-based: what does your AR measurement program look like? What best practices would you like to share with your peers?

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10 thoughts on “New IIAR Best Practices Paper on AR Measurement”

  1. Are you going to share these best practices with the wider community beyond the membership in line with the IIAR mission statement to “enhance the awareness, image and practice of the analyst relations profession globally”?

    Would be great to see what you guys have come up with to help analyst firms tune into the kinds of things that are important to AR professionals.

  2. Hi Jason. The plan is definitely to summarise key findings from each paper that we can share with the analyst community. will get on this…hope to get something out end week. thx

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