IIAR Webinar: A Discussion on Effective AR Measurement and Amplification

On Friday 11th May 0800 PDT / 1100 EDT / 1600 BST, IIAR member Gerry Van Zandt (LinkedIn@gerryvz) from the Oracle Analyst Relations team will host an interactive discussion about how AR can better measure results, and more importantly how AR can better utilize these results.
AR managers and leaders tend to be highly focused on maximizing their firm’s placement in key analyst competitive evaluations, and improving what analysts are saying about their firm to their end-user clients.
However, the process doesn’t stop there!  Often, AR misses the more important aspect:  How can we as AR practitioners and leaders get our hard-earned results into the hands of the right people?  The sales and marketing teams; customer prospects; and existing customers?  How can we leverage and multiply the benefit of key analyst research to support the teams out there winning sales deals?

During this call, Gerry will lead the discussion about the following topics:
  • The two parts to effective AR:  effectively measuring it, and effectively leveraging it
  • Being clear about your goals for AR measurement and amplification
  • Important AR measurement elements that you should consider
  • Strategies for multiplying effectiveness of and amplifying your AR results
Speaker background 
 Gerry is a long-time AR professional, with 28 years’ experience in the AR/PR/branding industry (nearly 20 years in AR roles). He has worked in analyst relations roles in the past for Intel, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and Oracle among other companies. A past board member of IIAR and IIAR-accredited AR practitioner, Gerry joined Oracle in early 2015 as cloud analyst relations lead.  A longtime advocate and enthusiast of proper AR measurement, Gerry in 2012 hosted an IIAR “case study” teleconference on how to create and implement an effective AR measurement program.
This call will be moderated by Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn), IIAR board member.
We hope you will be able to join us for this one-hour interactive discussion, which should be a full of useful tips and information for improving the success and effectiveness of your AR programs.
This call is free for all IIAR members, and non-members can pay £30.00 to attend. To reserve your place on the call and receive dial-in details and a link to download the presentation in advance of the call please click here.

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