IIAR> Best Practices Paper: Scaling AR Reach

This new IIAR> Best Practices Paper Scaling AR Reach: Connecting with the Long Tail is a Must for Your Influencer Strategy by Katie Webb (LinkedIn, @katiewebb) of Oracle and Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovic, LinkedIn) at Starsight Communications and IIAR> Board Member is now available on the IIAR> Members Portal > link

Key takeaways
  • Buyers seek a range of opinions and you need to be talking to those who express them, wherever they are
  • Building and maintaining relationships with long-tail influencers should be a key part of AR strategy
  • Design an influencer engagement strategy that matches your desired outcomes
  • Peer review sites call for a dedicated strategy
  • Use content to engage with long-tail influencers
  • Creating a dedicated platform or information hub can be a good strategy if you have scale and resources
  • Develop a range of engagement tactics to cover all your bases
  • Optimise your ROI
Table of contents
  • The influencer landscape is changing
  • Understand the characteristics of key influencer personas 
  • Map influencers to your customer personas
  • Start your scale strategy by defining engagement tactics for each influencer group
  • Plan for challenges outside the AR comfort zone
  • Recommendations for AR professionals
  • Appendix 1: Oracle case study
  • Appendix 2: Criteo case study

IIAR> Best Practices Paper: Scaling AR Reach

Publication date: January 2021
Resources for IIAR> members
  • Christina Neill / Director: Spotlight Academy, Spotlight | Analyst Relations
  • Avinash Murthy / Global Head: Analyst and Influencer Relations, Wipro Limited
  • Crystal Golightly / Vice President: Customer Experience and Operations, ARInsights
  • Ricarda Rodatus / Senior Vice President: Global Analyst Relations, Oracle Corporation
  • Marta Melon / Global Alliances and Analyst Relations Manager, GFT Technologies SE
  • Josu Franco / Strategy & Technology Advisor, WatchGuard Technologies
  • Simon Jones / Managing Partner, Destrier AR
  • Bill Reed / Managing Director, NarrativeWorx

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