IIAR> Best Practices Webinar: Strategic Analyst Tiering For Digital Business

This new IIAR> Best Practices Paper will be resented by Susan Galer (@smgaler, LinkedIn) in an IIAR Webinar moderated by Ludovic LeforestierLinkedIn @lludovic), Bearing Point and IIAR Board, this how-to webinar is designed to go beyond textbook best practices, providing step-by- step techniques you can put in place immediately to:susan-galer

  • cut through the noise and determine which analysts really matter to your company
  • forge ahead even when you don’t have a business plan from internal stakeholders
  • match your organization’s objectives to the analyst’s true scope of influence
  • answer hard questions to bridge the gap between expectations and reality

This session starts with an overview of analyst scope of influence in the digital era, and what that means to an analyst relations program (AR). This is followed by steps you can use to tier your analysts, from initial pre-work that assesses the scope of your program, to research that will help you collect the facts you need, to analysis of the information you’ve pulled together, to taking action on your findings. It concludes with answers to hard questions every AR manager faces like dealing with analyst influence downgrades without hurting relationships, what to do when stakeholders won’t heed your informed advice, and how to generate the greatest outcomes in the face of shrinking budgets. The learnings are intended for AR teams of all sizes and experience levels. Newcomers can use it as a starting point, while seasoned pros can refresh their perspectives.

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  • When: 11th October 2016
  • Time: 8am PDT/ 11am EDT/ 4pm BST/ 5pm CET
  • Register: IIAR> members
  • Non members who would like to attend should contact the IIAR> Community Manager

IIAR Best Practice Paper on tiering

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