IIAR> Primer: Future Shock – The Coming State of Analyst Relations

Gerry van Zandt and Ludovic Leforestier - IIAR

The IIAR> has released a new IIAR> Best Practice Paper on The Future of AR (link to PDF for IIAR> members) by Gerry Van Zandt (LinkedIn@gerryvz) / Oracle AR Director and Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovic, LinkedIn) / IIAR> Co-Founder and Board Member, Founder, Starsight Communications.

This new and long-awaited white paper that provides fresh insights and information into how the field of Analyst Relations will evolve and change over the coming 5-10 years.  To mark the debut of this white paper, IIAR will host a webinar on the 5th December2019 at 0800 PST / 1000 EST / 1600 GMT to outline some of its key findings, and to discuss important considerations that will be relevant to everyone working in the Analyst Relations field.

In the paper, Gerry and Ludovic take a quick look backward to review how Analyst Relations has evolved to its current point over the past 30+ years.  

More importantly, the paper gathers and analyzes the impact of current trends and activities in the industry to help inform AR leaders as to what will be important in the coming years, and key considerations and strategic actions they should pursue to stay on top of their craft in the future.  Quotes and observations from AR practitioners worldwide are used throughout to reinforce and provoke new thinking on salient points.

The paper ends with actionable advice for all AR pros as to how analyst firms, analyst research, analyst research consumers, and the analyst role itself is and will change, and how AR needs to adapt to stay relevant and “on top” of these changes. 

Key topics that will be discussed on the webinar include:  

  • How major analyst industry changes are driving evolution and at the same time, broadening the scope of Analyst Relations
  • The impact of crowdsourced research both on customer influence, and on traditional syndicated research
  • The evolving role of AR measurement, and how it contributes to making the AR field more strategic and impactful
  • How to magnify and scale AR beyond the largest firms and their “quadrant” style evaluations

The event will be recorded for IIAR> members unable to join due to work commitments. 

Date:  Thursday 5th December 2019

Time:  1600 GMT / 1700 CET / 0800 PST / 1100 EST

To register your interest (please note – current IIAR members only), click HERE and plan to join us for an engaging discussion!

If you are not an IIAR member, but are an IAR professional and interested in attending, please contact us (info@analystrelations.org).  Kindly note that all registrations by non-IIAR> members are subject to IIAR> approval.

IIAR> Primer: Future Shock – The Coming State of Analyst Relations

Publication date: October 2019
Resources for IIAR> members
  • Suzannah Archibald / EY
  • Gladys Elia / Gladys Elia Ltd.
  • Simon Jones / Destrier AR
  • Yvonne Kaupp / Retarus
  • Christine Keck / Ciena.
  • Aniruddho Mukherjee / HCL
  • Jodie Ohr / Teradata
  • Tim O’Sullivan / Deloitte.
  • Joely Urton / Splunk

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