IIAR> Discussion Group – Peer Reviews

IIAR Discussion Group - Peer Reviews

IIAR> members, here is your opportunity to participate in a discussion about the hot topic of Peer Reviews. Several members, over the last six months, have banded together as part of the IIAR> editorial committee, and have started digging into the complex issue of Peer Reviews. In fact, four of those most interested members on the subject will be hosting the upcoming IIAR> Group Discussion: Peer Reviews.

Peer Reviews is a subject that has drifted onto the radar of AR professionals over the last several years. Today, however, it stands front and center as one of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing AR pros. What is, or are, Peer Reviews? These are the firms, or the business units within more classic research and advisory firms, which offer ratings of technology products and services based on user (aka peer) reviews. You may have heard of sites like Trust Radius, G2, Software Advice, SoftwareReviews and Peer Insights (Gartner). Many if not most of you are already working with these and other Peer Review sites, and often you team up with marketing n this area.

That short list above just scratches the surface of the dozens of Peer Review sites out there. Curiously, some of the Peer Reviews sites include peer reviews for the best Peer Review sites. Who wins? It always seems like the Peer Review site running the peer review analysis for Peer Review sites wins. It would be like asking Gartner who is the best tech research and advisory firm out there – unlikely they would answer “IDC” or “Forrester.”

Here are the primary subjects that will be examined in detail at the Group Discussion on Peer Reviews:

  • Why are Peer Review sites becoming critical to AR programs?
  • How do you build a peer review strategy?
  • What should be the focus of your program?
  • Methodologies for obtaining reviews.
  • What should you do with the results?
  • Who should own the Peer Review program?

This IIAR> Discussion Group virtual event will be conducted via Zoom, and will be hosted by:

  • Robin Schaffer (LinkedIn), Principal at Schaffer AR and IIAR>Member
  • Sarita Kincaid (LinkedIn), VP of Corporate Communications at SugarCRM and IIAR>Member
  • Ludovic Leforestier (LinkedIn), Starsight Communications Founder and Managing Director, and on the IIAR> Board Member
  • Noelle Shipley (LinkedIn), AR Director at Emplifi and IIAR>Member

Date: Wednesday 29 March 2023 (we apologize, but we had to reschedule this from 30 March)
Time: 0800 PDT / 1100 EDT / 1600 BST / 2130 IST

If you are not an IIAR> member and would like to attend as a “try before you buy” event for IIAR> membership, kindly email evan@analystrelations.org.

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