IIAR> Analyst Firm Update – Verdantix, a Fast Growing ESG Leader

This IIAR> analyst firm update presentation is provided by Verdantix, and fast growing ESG firm

ESG, “environmental, social and governance,” has been an emerging area of tech for several years now. It impacts how a tech firm conducts itself with stakeholders including customers, suppliers, partners, employees and investors. It, in many cases, becames part of product and service. A tech company’s position in ESG may also drive how transparent it is, how it manages internal controls and how it deals with compliance requirements. While “Sustainability” by itself is an enormously important subject, typically it falls under the umbrella of ESG.

In short, ESG is revolutionizing tech and businesses and governments globally. It certainly ranks as one of the top trends, maybe THE top trend, for the coming decade, and more. And ESG has infiltrated the coverage of nearly every analyst firm. It should come as no surprise, therefore, if some analyst firms really specialize in ESG, and Verdantix certainly ranks as one of the top specialty firms on this important subject.

This presentation by Verdantix leaders will delve into its research coverage across five distinct areas of expertise: EHS, ESG & Sustainability, Net Zero & Climate Risk, Operational Excellence and Smart Buildings. Global Head of Research and co-founder, Rodolphe d’Arjuzon (LinkedIn), and Kim Knickle (LinkedIn) who is the Research Director of ESG & Sustainability, will outline: (1) Verdantix’s areas of expertise, (2) how you can work with Verdantix, (3) the Verdantix team and areas of specialty and (4) key research themes for 2023 and beyond. Rodolphe and Kim will also answer your questions during open Q&A toward the end of the session.

Establlished in 2008, Verdantix research has covered the full environment, health and safety agenda, expanding over the years to also help leaders in the operational excellence, smart buildings, ESG & sustainability, and net zero and climate risk areas. Its research on these subjects is a trusted source for some of the largest and most innovative businesses in the world.

This IIAR> Analyst Firm Update will be conducted via Zoom and the session recording made available to IIAR> Memebers on the IIAR> Members Portal (private) after the event. The event is available for free for IIAR> Members, but you must be registered to attend. To register click on the button below. If you are not an IIAR> Member but are interested in joining and would like to attend this session as a “try before you buy,” kindly email evan@analaystrelations.org with your request. This session will be hosted by:

Date> Thursday 16 March 2023
Time> 1600 GMT / 1700 CET / 0800 PT-USA / 1100 ET-USA / 2130 IST

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