IIAR> Discussion Group – Forrester Pricing and Negotiation (and other firms)

Forrester, one of the big three of the industry analyst firms, recently became more expensive and have become firmer in terms of contractual Ts & Cs. Forrester is certainly not the only firm raising prices and tightening terms, but their move prompted the need for IIAR> members to discuss: What can an AR professional do when prices are rising and budgets are shrinking?

While the hosts of the Discussion Group, Noelle and Julian, certainly have plenty of experience and strong viewpoints on this subject, there is no one right answer. Every negotiation is unique because of the history of the relationship, the needs and goals of the buying organization, the personalities involved and the current (and mainly hidden) tactics of the analyst firm’s sales executives. Therefore, Noelle and Julian will lead and moderate the discussion, but they are not going to present the final answers to you.

That is why we need you to participate; to share your experience about what has worked and hasn’t worked for you. Together we can build the body of knowledge and improve our results. Because this is such a sensitive subject, we will not be recording the meeting, which will operate under Chatham House Rule.

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This IIAR> Discussion Group will be hosted by:

  • Noelle Shipley / Director of AR, Emplifi and IIAR> Member (LinkedIn)
  • Julian Tirsu / Director of AR, Egnyte and IIAR> Member (Linkedin)

Date> Tuesday 28 February 2023
Time> 1600 GMT / 1700 CET / 0800 PT-USA / 2130 IST

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