IIAR> Best Practices Paper: Building an effective AR plan

Sarita Kincaid, Robin Schaffer, Ludovic Leforestier - IIAR> Webinar

This new IIAR> Best Practices Paper Building an effective AR plan to aligning analysts with your business goals will be presented by Sarita Kincaid (LinkedIn, @saritakAR), Robin Schaffer (LinkedIn, @robinjs19) and Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovic, LinkedIn).  

This how-to webinar is designed to explore best-practice strategies for building effective AR plans by aligning analysts with business goals. The session will teach you how to:

  • Start with the business priorities
  • Build your AR plan, layering campaigns and tactics
  • Balance your ambitions with the company’s appetite for investment in the AR program
  • Modulate your tactics throughout the year
  • Creating your AR plan
  • Creating an analyst engagement plan
  • Recommendations for AR professionals

The learnings are intended for experienced AR professionals and team leaders. These techniques will help teams of all sizes to build their AR plans matching company priorities to AR objectives. 

When> Thursday 11th March 0800 PST / 1100 EST / 1600 GMT / 1700 CET (other time zones)

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