Announcing the IIAR> Awards 2020!

At the IIAR>, we believe in taking a stance and recognizing greatness when we see it -an approach we find more impactful than sprinkling awards to dozens of “winners”.

Analyst Relations professional of the Year
Analyst of the Year 2020

The IIAR> Analyst of the Year 2020

In researching the IIAR> 2020 Analyst of the Year award, the IIAR> surveyed analyst relations professionals globally and from diverse industries, predictably casting a wide net on coverage areas. The evaluation reflected the best practice promoted within the IIAR> looking at analysts’ perceived sales impact and strategic insights, resonance in the media, and ease of doing business with. This year saw AR professionals provided clear insights both on the value they see from analysts, as well as how they perceive industry analyst firms’ value to them as clients.

Analyst Relations professionals from 10 countries voted & identified Top 90 analysts, 38 Client Partners & 43 analyst firms. There were some interesting shifts in the 2020 results compared to prior years…

Analyst Relations Pro of the Year 2020

The IIAR> AR Professional of the Year 2020

We asked the analysts to be thorough in their critique, just like the detailed RFIs they ask AR professionals to complete. Fortunately, the analyst community was very generous with their time and the depth of feedback.

Hundreds of industry analysts from 22 countries voted for more than 300 AR professionals from 157 firms; 91 agencies and 13 megavendors in the 2020 IIAR> Awards.

Don’t miss the IIAR> event!

The results have been tallied. Find out who the winners of 2020 are by joining the IIAR> 2020 Analyst Awards ceremony this Thursday, December 17 at 9AM PT /12pm ET/ 5PM GMT/ 6PM CET/ 10:30pm IST.

Register here for the webcast link.

This event is for industry analysts and analyst relations professionals. You do not need to be an IIAR> member to attend this event.

The IIAR> Awards Committee

IIAR> Board Members & Chapter Leads

IIAR> Members

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