Who will be the IIAR> Analyst of the Year 2019?

The IIAR> mainframe has been furiously crunching the input from AR professionals for this year… and the IIAR Analyst of the Year 2019 winners will be announced next week on Wednesday 27th November 2019 IIAR> Christmas Party in central London. Make sure you register now, tickets are going fast!

The IIAR> Analyst Of The Year is the best and longest running industry award, uniquely compiles input from analyst relations professionals and aims at highlighting individual analysts, new analysts, firms and client partners who have impressed our community and is awarded by the non-profit Institute for Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR). In other words, it’s our way to reflect and share our appreciation.

In last year’s survey, IIAR> members and AR pros focussed on impact as they were looking how to deliver better results. This year the results are quite surprising with AR pros further scrutinising how they engage with firms.

Stay tuned…


The IIAR> Awards Committee

Past IIAR> AOTY winners

The IIAR Analyst of The Year has been running since 2008, see below the past winners. Click on for the full results year by year > link.

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