A Deep Dive into the 2022 IIAR> Awards

A Deep Dive into the IIAR> 2022 Awards

The IIAR> Awards winners for 2022 have already been announced, and again, congratulations to all the winners and finalists. But it doesn’t end there. Do you want to know more about the survey results? Do you want to learn about what makes some of the winners and finalists so good at what they do? Then this deep dive is for you. Specifically, the IIAR>’s kick-off session for 2023 will follow this flow:

  1. We will delve into some of the findings from the quite comprehensive survey used for the IIAR> Awards. Votes came from AR professionals in 17 countries who identified 70 analyst firms, 229 industry analysts and 83 client partners in their responses. Analyst voters came from 27 countries and identified 548 AR pros, 51 AR teams and 40 agencies in their submissions. There are some important insights to be gleaned from this diverse set of viewpoints.
  2. We will interview winning analysts, with the primary goal of bettering our understanding of AR pros can work better with the analysts.
  3. We will interview an the AR agency winner and runner-up about how they bring value to the AR pros, and analysts, they support.
  4. Finally, we will open the floor for Q&A from the attendees.

We have unveiled the quantitative side of the IIAR> Awards already by unveiling the winners and finalists, but here is an opportunity to look into the qualitative aspects of the survey from the highest number of votes cast in the history of the IIAR> awards, which dates back to 2008.

This IIAR> Virtual Event will be hosted by:

  • Aniruddho Mukherjee, AR Lead at Amazon Web Services (@aniruddho, LinkedIn) – and part of the AR team that won 2022 IIAR> AR Team of the Year
  • Cassandra Allen, Head of Analyst Relations – European AR for Wipro (LinkedIn)
  • Christine Keck, Head of AR for Ciena (@cmkeck, LinkedIn) – 2021 IIAR> AR Pro of the Year

The IIAR> Award winners and runners-up participants will include:

Date> Tuesday 10 January 2023
Time> 1600 GMT / 1700 CET / 0800 PT-USA / 2130 IST

A Deep Dive into the IIAR> 2022 Awards

IIAR> Members will be able access the slides and recording on the IIAR> Members Area after the call

  • The IIAR> Awards Deep Dive presentation will be posted to the File Library in the members portal shortly after the end of the presentation
  • The full recording of this webinar will also be available to Members on the IIAR> Members video library.
  • Become an IIAR> member today to receive access to the LIVE streaming or to the stored content

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