IIAR ANALYST OF THE YEAR 2012 – Voting open!

This year’s search to find the IIAR 2012 Analyst of the Year and IIAR Analyst Firm of the Year is now open.

You will see that this year’s survey is a little different to last year’s. To help us validate the nominations we are asking you to rate your chosen analyst and analyst firm of the year against a list of 10 criteria. The winner will be the analyst with the highest overall rating from multiple responses, rather than the analyst that attracts the highest number of votes.

IIAR Analyst Firm of the Year will be run using the same format only we’ve split out the large global analyst firms from other smaller and independent firms so you can vote for multiple analyst firms. This will allow us to recognise those large firms which have scale and market influence, as well as those that offer quality of research and value for money. Of course, it’s entirely up to you who you vote for and which criteria you believe offer the most value.

All marketing communication professionals who regularly engage with analysts – IIAR members and non–members – are welcome to take part and all individual votes will be treated as strictly confidential.

The survey will be open until Friday 10th August with the results to be announced in September. Please contact me if you have any queries or questions.

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