IIAR> Webinar: Analyst Relations Professional and Analyst Relations Team of the Year 2019

Last week we hosted the IIAR Summer Networking Party 2019 in London kindly sponsored by Criteo and Spotlight Analyst Relations. On behalf of the IIAR, I wanted to say a big ‘Thank you!’ to all who could join us in celebrating the achievements of the Analyst Relations community and hope that you’ll join us again at future events. 

We also want to take a moment to ponder the event, the conversations had, the relationships that were nurtured and the new ones formed. During the evening, we welcomed over 70 industry analysts from firms including Gartner, IDC, Ovum, CONTEXT, Forrester, 451 Research, Aite Group, CCS Insight, IT Candor, IHS Markit, HfS Research and AR pros from companies including Oracle, BT, Symantec, Criteo, NTT, Atos, Wipro, HCL Technologies, and from agencies including Dennington AR, Hotwire, Loenberg AR, Spotlight AR, Chameleon, Destier AR, Magnolia AR and CC Group. 

It was a charming evening which sparked conversations around AR best practice, analyst priorities, as well as on informal topics, a testament to the great relationships in the community.

During the event, we announced the highly-anticipated IIAR Analyst Relations Professional and Analyst Relations team of the year: congratulations to Peggy O’Neill, Informatica (winner ‘IIAR AR Professional of the Year 2019′ – her second win of the title!), Oracle AR Team (winner of ‘IIAR AR Team of the Year 2019’) and Dennington AR (winner of ‘IIAR AR Agency of the Year 2019’).  

The IIAR is committed to recognising the achievements of AR professionals who go above and beyond in their career and to promoting best practice in the industry. This year, over 400 AR professionals, 84 agencies and 11 megavendors have been rated. We will be running a webinar for IIAR members for a deep-dive on methodology, key takeaways and analyst feedback, as well as their significance for the AR profession on Tuesday 23rd July at 1600 BST. 

As in previous years, we will highlight and discuss the main AR annoyances for analysts as well as best practice that sets AR pros apart. Additionally, during the webinar we will have a quick refresher on The Three Rs of Analyst Relations, which form the basis for the IIAR survey:

  • Responsiveness– analysts expect AR pros to revert back to them in a timely fashion with the information required for their research;
  • Relationships– analysts have many stakeholders; they rely on someone that’s easy to deal with and always goes that extra mile;
  • Results– can AR pros deliver results for their employers?

During the webinar there will also be an opportunity to address questions and discuss the future of the AR industry. We hope that you can join us!

IIAR Webinar: the IIAR AR Professional, Team & Agency Of The Year 2019

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