IIAR> welcomes new German Chapter Co-Lead

Chris Holscher / IIAR> German Chapter Co_lead

It is our honour and great pleasure to announce Chris Holscher (LinkedIn, @holscher_one) as the new IIAR> German Chapter Co-Lead with myself, Yvonne Kaupp (@YveKauppLinkedIn).

Chris is a founder of Holscher.one, helping innovative startup and Scaleup companies embrace industry analyst relations and achieve success faster. Chris brings 20+ years of experience in the B2B tech & services market with 10+ years in Industry Analyst Relations. He is appreciated as a seasoned IAR professional and thought leader.

Chris is also co-founder of a lovely family of four in Hamburg. He is gladly addicted to Scandinavia and to light-roasted coffee – that’s how you always get him.

Chris has been supporting the IIAR> in the past, and excels at bringing fresh views and differentiated, well-thought-through perspectives.

He is committed in re-freshing the German Chapter activities and will drive awareness and visibility.

The German Chapter has launched a new Activity Plan for the current calendar year, with key objectives to reach new audiences and organisations.

Please join us in welcoming Chis to the IIAR> Extended Board!  

Upcoming German Chapter Activities:

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