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Survey shows analyst relations professional salaries significantly increased over decade

2021 IIAR> Salary Survey logo

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2021 IIAR> Salary Survey, sponsored by ARInsights and managed by CB Resourcing. One of the key findings is that analyst relations (AR) and influencer relations professional compensation has shot up, reaching almost USD 350k at the top end.

 IIAR> Members are invited to a webinar where a panel led by Simon Burton (LinkedIn, @CB_Resourcing) and Maribeth Eisenmann (LinkedIn) / CB Resourcing with Crystal Golighty (LinkedIn, @crysgolightly) / ARInsights and  Ludovic Leforestier (LinkedIn@lludovic) / IIAR Board Member based on survey results we will address the following questions:

  • What are the salary ranges in key sectors and regions?
  • Are education and years of experience rewarded?
  • Is it all about firm and team size?
  • Does managing a team necessarily mean a higher salary?
  • How do salaries compare with those previous surveys?

Date: Tuesday 30th March 2021

Time: 0800 PDT, 1100:00 EDT, 1600 BST, 1700 CEST, 2030 IST (check your time zone)

Location: Zoom webinar, register using the link below.

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Previous IIAR> Salary Surveys

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Why is Analyst Relations commanding a 46% salary premium over Public Relations?

IIAR/CB Resourcing Salary SurveyDrawing on the  2017 IIAR Salary Survey produced by CB Resourcing,  we thought it would be interesting to expand the information gathered with a comparison against the wider sector of public relations.  


The size of the gap between AR and PR is staggering

When we compare Analyst Relations to more general Public Relations roles for Director level/Rank 1 Analyst Relations get paid significantly more, an average of 46% above Public Relations roles in the UK.  In the majority of cases Senior Manager/Rank 2 Analyst Relations are also paid more however, the salary gap between them and Public Relations roles is not as large and in the Technology sector average basic salaries are the same. Continue Reading →

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How much are you worth? Introducing the IIAR Salary Survey

IIAR/CB Resourcing Salary Survey

As a highly specialised profession, Analyst relations roles are notoriously hard to evaluate when it comes to compensation. They are often hard to find profiles, can report to different functions and thus bother recruiters and employers are often at pains to make the right call on salaries. In addition, expertise areas and their drivers are not often well understood -for instance whether analysts relation professionals manage research budgets, are the lead on one or several research firms, have a global remit, etc.

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IIAR Salary Survey findings: AR at 30% premium, global scope pushes AR salaries to $120,000

The analyst relations profession has, like the industry analyst industry, been a beneficiary of the difficult times over the last few years. While staff turnover has slowed greatly, AR managers continue to win a substantial salary premium over other marketing and communications managers. Because the compensation packages of AR managers can be complex, it’s been hard to get clear data until this month when the IIAR published its first AR salaries survey.

Online job sites like Simply Hired, which are often used for more junior AR roles, says that its AR vacancies have an average salary of $67,000; around 30% more than public relations. However, even those impressive figures conceal the value that large companies place on the ability of senior AR managers to turn around details. Duncan Chapple (@duncanchapple, LinkedIn), one of the IIAR co-founder who analysed the data, says “Average salaries for AR professionals are between $110,000 and $130,000 a year, with higher salaries for global responsibilities and lower salaries for managers working in PR agencies. While AR people are normally in billion-dollar revenue firms, the turnover of AR staff is extremely low: reflecting the deep expertise needed to get to world-class standard. It’s no wonder that AR specialists are also called on to lead activities like market intelligency, influencer relations and media relations.

The IIAR surveyed 89 managers in the niche analyst relations community. A full presentation of the results is available to IIAR members at

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Last chance to participate in the IIAR salary survey!

The IIAR salary survey closes on Tuesday May 11th.

Please help us to benchmark AR salaries by taking a moment to fill in the short questionnaire at

It should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. All responses will be kept strictly confidential and only aggregate results will be used for statistical analysis after removal of any identifying information. All respondents will receive an executive summary of the results, and the abstracted/anonymised results will be made available to IIAR members.


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Know your worth! The IIAR Salary Survey

In applying for a job recently, I had to select from a 24 page list of ‘industry-stardard’ job titles, to find one that matched my actual job title the most accurately. Guess what I ended up putting? Senior Manager, Public Relations. Well, it was either that or Senior Manager, Marketing. I wondered if the recipient would make the connection with the actual job title on my CV – Senior Manager, International Analyst Relations. I wasn’t hopeful.

As AR professionals, we often run into challenges related to what it is we actually do. Sometimes it might be trying to explain your job to someone you meet at a party. Preferably without them glazing over. Or, as in my recent case, trying to match a generic job title from a preconceived list of ‘proper’ jobs to my actual AR role.

One of the more serious problems, though, is the lack of any real data on AR salaries.

If any of you have ever tried to use one of those online salary comparison sites, it will typically list Public Relations when you enter Analyst Relations. It’s not that we take offence, it’s just that the PR market is so much more developed and larger than the AR world, that the results are far from accurate. And in these times when supply outweighs demand, and many AR professionals are competing for jobs, solid evidence to assess – and prove –  your worth is invaluable.

The IIAR is therefore asking all its members to anonymously complete the latest AR Salary Survey to give us all a clearer idea of who should be paid what.

The results, to be published anonymously, will provide a benchmark on AR salaries, and salary ranges depending on experience, geography and coverage.

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