IIAR> SALARY SURVEY: Do you deserve a pay rise?

IIAR Salary Survey 2022

Analyst Relations has its own, very well defined job profile, going along with a very specific set of skills and capabilities.

When it comes to compensation, the AR world gets blurry. Past surveys have shown that AR salaries can vary quite a bit. Why is that? And do you as an AR Professional get the salary you should be getting for the value you bring to the business?

The IIAR> Salary Survey examines the AR values brought to an organization’s different domains such as marketing, strategy, sales or product management and how this corresponds with salary schemes.

The IIAR Salary Survey is sponsored by ARInsights and run independently by specialist recruitment consultant CB Resourcing for a complete ring-fencing of your personal data.

Your participation is much appreciated. The survey deadline has been extended to 31st of October 2022, please take the survey here:

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