IIAR> Best Practices Webinar: Scaling AR – connecting with the long tail is a must for your influencer strategy

This new IIAR> Best Practices Paper will be presented by Katie Webb (LinkedIn, @katiewebb) of Oracle and Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovic, LinkedIn) at Starsight Communications and IIAR> Board Member.  

This how-to webinar is designed to create deep insight into the changing AR landscape and provide step-by-step techniques that can be immediately employed to:

  • Understand the changes in the analyst market
  • Build a picture of your market and see where influence lies
  • Review the analysts with whom you engage regularly to maintain relevance in your market
  • Research who is influencing specific customer roles and perform a detailed mapping of your target analysts and influencers, including non-traditional ‘long-tail’ influencers
  • Choose which influencer groups to engage with, targeting key business objectives and prioritising communication targets
  • Create and implement a content outreach strategy to engage with ‘long-tail’ influencers
  • Increase the impact of your campaigns
  • Grow your outreach strategy by defining how to engage with each influencer group
  • Build an information hub to scale your influence
  • Plan for unanticipated challenges as you extend your AR reach 

The learnings are intended for experienced AR professionals and team leaders. These advanced techniques will help teams of all sizes to scale their AR efforts, remaining fully engaged with tier 1 and 2 analysts whilst facilitating valuable relationships with a new generation of analysts and influencers, benefiting your campaigns for the medium and long term. 

When> Thursday 7th January 2021, 1100 PST / 1400 EST / 1900 GMT / 0600 AEDT (other time zones)

Register now on Zoom > link

IIAR> Best Practices Paper: Scaling AR Reach

Publication date: January 2021
Resources for IIAR> members
  • Christina Neill / Director: Spotlight Academy, Spotlight | Analyst Relations
  • Avinash Murthy / Global Head: Analyst and Influencer Relations, Wipro Limited
  • Crystal Golightly / Vice President: Customer Experience and Operations, ARInsights
  • Ricarda Rodatus / Senior Vice President: Global Analyst Relations, Oracle Corporation
  • Marta Melon / Global Alliances and Analyst Relations Manager, GFT Technologies SE
  • Josu Franco / Strategy & Technology Advisor, WatchGuard Technologies
  • Simon Jones / Managing Partner, Destrier AR
  • Bill Reed / Managing Director, NarrativeWorx

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