IIAR Discussion Group – Dominic Pannell Makes Social Media Buzz

The IIAR> will be holding a discussion group with Dominic Pannell (Director, Buzz Method Ltd) on Wednesday 25th January at 4-5pm GMT / 11-12pm ET / 8-9am PT. Agenda: Why Analyst Relations only solves part of the problem Analyst versus Stakeholder versus Influencer Relations versus relationships versus engagement The need to shift to Influencer Engagement …

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[GUEST POST] Analyst Relations Basics – part three

Level 3 part 1: How Vendors Leverage Analyst Subscriptions
EFFECTIVE ANALYST RELATIONS REQUIRES SUBSCRIPTIONS. There, I’ve said it. In capitals. Feel free to disagree with me, but please allow me to explain where I’m coming from…
In the world of ICT, analysts are a unique influencer, not only do they interact with multiple audiences, but also, in many cases, it is possible to pay to have access to their research and, with certain firms to the analysts themselves, through an analyst subscription.

[GUEST POST] Analyst Relations Basics – part two

One in-house AR who used to work in PR pointed out yesterday that for some IT firms, even getting on the radar of the industry analysts is of value, so perhaps I was a little harsh. While I accept his point, I contend that unless the initial awareness-raising is followed up with a systematic engagement programme, even a light one, it’s of very little real value in the longer term. Which leads me nicely into today’s topic: Level 2: AR as a Two-Way Conversation.