IIAR Discussion Group – Dominic Pannell Makes Social Media Buzz

The IIAR> will be holding a discussion group with Dominic Pannell (Director, Buzz Method Ltd) on Wednesday 25th January at 4-5pm GMT / 11-12pm ET / 8-9am PT.


  • Why Analyst Relations only solves part of the problem
    • Analyst versus Stakeholder versus Influencer
    • Relations versus relationships versus engagement
    • The need to shift to Influencer Engagement (IE)
  • “Reputation, reputation, reputation… the immortal part of myself…!”
    • How reputations are built and destroyed (and ignored)
    • How AR/IE pros can use #socmed to help identify who matters to them/their clients
    • A look at some of the more useful #socmed tools
    • Distinguishing what matters (wheat from chaff)
  • War stories from the agency side
  • The missing piece in the #socmed toolkit
    • The next big thing for gauging influence?

If you would like to participate please email me for dial-in details – this call is open to IIAR members only.

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