IIAR Webinar: meet iDate DigiWorld

iDate DigiWorld webinar with the IIARLocal analysts yield much influence in the geographies they operate in, yet they are largely unknown to AR pros in multinationals. On December 11th, we’re offering you to get up close and personal with iDDATE DigiWorld, a firm founded in France in 1977, combining consulting, research and an institute. Its legacy is in telcos but it also covers media, smart territories and digital and internet services.

We will meet with Soichi Nakajima / Digital Telcos Practice Leader (@NakajimaSoichiLinkedIn) in a webinar to understand more about iDATE DigiWorld, its agenda and how AR pros should engage.

The session will be run by Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn) from the IIAR Board and Julia Pope (LinkedIn, @iulia_g_popa), our UK Chapter Lead.


Date: Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 1700 BST.

The webinar is free to attend for all IIAR members. IIAR members in London are also invited to meet iDate in person for this webinar or after for an informal IIAR Café (drinks and self-funded dinner).


UPDATED: post webinar interview

With Soichi Nakajima / Digital Telcos Practice Leader, IDATE DigiWorld with Ludovic Leforestier / IIAR Board.


Check also Soichi’s interview in our IIAR Around In 10 Questions series.

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