IIAR Discussion Group: negotiating with Gartner

Gartner IIAR logosTime to renew your Gartner subscription?

Our members have indicated a few interesting plays by the industry analysis market leader, almost two years after its takeover of CEB. including a continued drive to multi-year contracts and aggressive drive to sell their $150k executives offerings, effectively mirroring the EXP strategy for vendors. Those offerings causing much confusion with users in vendor organisations are Gartner for General Managers, Gartner for Sales Leaders, Gartner for Marketing Leaders, etc.

Following our latest discussion group on the subject, the IIAR is conducting a discussion group for members to exchange the issues they face when being sold bundled products. This will enable members to discuss ways to get the best value without disclosing individual price. IIAR will then present these findings to Gartner for their feedback and help Gartner sales teams improve client satisfaction.

Date: 20th November 2018
Location: webinar > IIAR MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE A PERSONAL DIARY REQUEST and London based members can attend in person > pls fill in form below.
Time: 0700 PST / 1000 EST / 1600 GMT / 1700 CET

Held under the Chatham House Rule the discussion will be strictly confidential and for IIAR members.

Of course, by attending you will not only have the opportunity to give your knowledge and opinions but also gain from that of others and have the advantage to submit questions directly. Let us have a lively discussion, the more of you that join in the better. Attending IIAR Events is free and restricted to AR professionals active members of the IIAR. We know some will try (again), but this session is not open to Gartner reps.

Any queries or if you are a non-member who would like to join this webinar, please do contact Finn@analystrelations.org

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