IIAR Asia/Pacific Virtual Forum: Value of Social Media to APJ AR

The IIAR will be holding is first Virtual Forum in Asia/Pacific with a guest panel to discuss:
What’s the value of social media to Asia/Pacific AR professionals?
  • Steven Noble – Senior Analyst (eBusiness & Channel Strategy), Forrester
  • Mandi Bateson – Director, Digital, Hill & Knowlton
  • Dave Noble – Asia/Pacific Chapter Lead, IIAR (moderator)
Within that, we’ll try to answer some other important questions:
  • How are analysts using social media to conduct research, as well as to promote their opinions and findings?
  • What social media tools are available to AR professionals, and how do they fit into the broader communications mix?
  • How can AR professionals use social media to engage with industry analysts, and expand their analyst relationships?
  • How does social media influence on decisions about complex & dynamic subjects, such as enterprise technology?
  • What can we learn from other market segments about using social media for enterprise B2B communication & interaction?
The conference call will include 5 – 10 minutes introductory comments from each of the panel members, followed by interactive discussion/Q&A.
While this would normally only be open to IIAR members, we believe it will be an interesting and dynamic discussion, and have decided to extend an invitation to all AR professionals in the Asia/Pacific region.
Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm (Sydney) 1:00pm – 2:00pm (Singapore/Hong Kong) 10:30am – 11:30am (India)
Please email henrietta(at)analystrelations(dot)org to register your interest in this event.

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