IIAR Discussion Group on Scaling AR on April 18th

The analyst landscape is changing fast and new voices are joining the conversation with impact over potential buyers. Whilst Tier 1 analyst firms generally retain their position in the area of direct buying recommendations, the picture is different when it comes to other sources influencing the buyer journey.
For instance, boutique firms are claiming their share of the influencer space, particularly in regional markets.
They might however not have the same business models or abide by the same rules of engagement than traditional analyst research firms (see the IIAR Best Practice Paper: The 7+7+7 Golden Rules of Engagement).

Scaling analyst relations however poses multiple challenges, starting with prioritisation, bandwidth and content.
We are hosting an IIAR> Best Practice call on the 18 April 2019 at 1600-1700 BST / 1100-1200 EDT / 0800-0900 PDT to discuss and explore the subject of Scaling AR.
Join the IIAR for a one-hour Discussion Group, where we’ll ask and debate these topics, and more.
The discussion will be co-hosted by Katie Webb (LinkedIn@katiewebb) of Oracle and Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn) at Criteo.

It’s free for all IIAR members. Register online here for the IIAR> Discussion Group > https://zoom.us/meeting/register/e5e0c0766eaca779d746f627e8486654

We look forward to your participation.

5 thoughts on “IIAR Discussion Group on Scaling AR on April 18th”

  1. Influence remains influence and on the buyer side Gartner now hold roughly 85% of all end user advisory spend.

    KCG has been covering this kind of “work stream” type strategy as part of our 2019 Analyst Landscape update and it will form the backbone one day of the agenda at KCG Connects in Austin TX (our “AR 2024” discussion) and in June at KCG Connects in London.

    Contact me at sengland@knowledgecap.com for more info or visit knowledgecap.com.

  2. KCG has worked on “Alternatives to Gartner” strategies for over 3 years. When tiering analysts at other analyst firms the major parameter of end user reach has to be adjusted. So it is an artificial construct. In so many markets nowadays all of the Top 10 analysts that we rank as influential in a particular market (what to do, who to do it with and how much to pay for it) may all work at Gartner.

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