IIAR> Webinar: Truths, Lies, & Influence: How Reviews are Disrupting Analyst Relations

Although technology buyers are traditionally twice as likely to rely on analyst reports as on reviews from their peers, today’s buyers want the whole truth. And this is how enterprise peer reviews are disrupting the Analyst Relations business.

Join TrustRadius CEO Vinay Bhagat (@VinayBhagat, LinkedIn) for this hard-hitting session where he will outline TrustRadius’ perspectives on:

  • Whether Gartner and the legacy analyst firms can still hold the key to the CIO – and the enterprise buyer – and the implications for AR professionals
  • What information and sources buyers trust – and what they don’t – and why
  • How industry analysts are increasingly relying on end user reviews
  • How the secret structure of the buying committee for enterprise technology and services can marginalize analyst influence
  • How it’s actually easier to manage hundreds of reviewers than a handful of analysts

Bhagat believes that for Analyst Relations professionals, the sweeping changes in the market are an opportunity to manage influencers on a bigger scale than ever before.

Join us on this IIAR> members-only webinar hosted by IIAR> Board Member Simon Jones (@SimonDestrierLinkedIn). When: Tuesday September 29th 2020 at 0800 PDT / 1100 EDT / 1600 BST / 1700 CET.

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