Around Annette Zimmermann in 10 questions

Today we ask our probing questions of Annette Zimmerman from Gartner. Munich-based Research Director Annette (LinkedIn, @mobileann) is Agenda Manager for Gartner’s devices research – and she probably has more gadgets than you.


  1. What are your coverage areas?Annette Zimmermann
    My beat is very broad in comparison to many analysts. I cover personal technologies including devices, PCs and wearables, following firms like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung to name but a few. I’m also tracking the IoT and specifically beacon technology and indoor positioning solutions from vendors like Cisco, Aruba and Estimote.
  1. What are your opinions of the IT Analysis Marketplace and where do you see it going?
    It’s still a growing business with demand coming from vendors and IT-users alike. Industry specific knowledge is becoming more important.

  1. What’s your typical day like?
    Many hours per day on the phone with clients asking me EVERYTHING about the topics I cover; vendors telling me EVERYTHING about their strategy; WRITING; drafting presentations, discussing research with colleagues, and let’s not forget lots of travel across the globe.
  1. Now, c’mon, tell me an AR horror story?
    I have not been part of any disasters… well, nothing major apart from smaller technical glitches and getting stuck at an airport.
  1. How do you position your firm? What is your business model?
    Gartner. Do I need to say more?
  1. What is your research methodology?
    Gartner has a comprehensive set of methodologies ranging from Hype Cycles that depict the progressions of different technologies over time to Magic Quadrants and forecast models. We also run many consumer and enterprise surveys every year. Producing research means taking all of these different sources into account including discussion with clients and vendors. And as a Gartner analyst, I’m lucky enough to be able to follow my mojo when it comes to further investigating technologies that I find fascinating or potentially disruptive to the market.
  1. Tell us about one good AR practice you’ve experienced or one good AR event you’ve attended.
    The perfect Analyst event is a mix of great content (and I mean where the vendor really wants to tell you something, not some marketing wash) and time to meet with the execs.
  1. Any hobbies or favorite restaurant / food that you’d like to share?
    Scuba diving, running, hiking, wine, dine & cooking. Favorite food? Hard to say. My main preference is probably French but I just as much enjoy a Bavarian beer garden and ethnic food.
  1. What is your biggest challenges for the upcoming 6 months? And for the next 30 minutes?
    I am the Agenda Manager for Gartner’s devices research, that means I am part of the team that is shaping the research content that is written and presented to clients throughout the year. The second half of the year means planning for 2017.
  1. Is there another analyst whose work you rate highly?

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