Around Fabio Di Capua from Gartner in 10 questions

This week, Gartner analyst Fabio Di Capua (Twitter / LinkedIn) has bravely volunteered to tackle the IIAR’s legendary 10 questions, renowned worldwide for their incisiveness. Research Director Fabio is based in Munich, Germany.

Fabio Di Capua

  1. What are your coverage areas?
    I cover a very broad area in Sourcing and Vendor Management Application Services. From SAP service provider selection to contract revision, Agile application development, MS Dynamics, Workday system integrator, Application Labor rates, Nearshore/Offshore, Outsourcing, and so on…
  2. What are your opinions of the IT Analysis Marketplace and where do you see it going?
    In this flood of Digital Initiatives from vendors, IT innovation and new services emerging every day, IT analysis is a critical element for vendors and clients.
  3. What’s your typical day like?
    No single day is like another one… I basically try to balance between client inquiries (and take questions from Gartner clients on a wide range of topics), writing research (like Magic Quadrants, Market Guides and Best practices notes) and preparing presentations for our events. Sometime I also attend vendor events.
  4. Now, c’mon, tell me an AR horror story?
    No horror stories… just that twice I’ve arrived at an event and discovered that the hotel didn’t have reservation for me. All went well in the end and I didn’t need to sleep under a bridge – but it was the same vendor both times! Then there was the time I was on a call with a vendor, and after the AR had kicked off the call, I spent a good two minutes introducing myself, before handing over to the vendor’s subject matter expert – whose opening line was: “Is that Susan from Gartner?”
  5. How do you position your firm? What is your business model?
    I believe you all know Gartner business model, don’t you? 😉
  6. What is your research methodology?
    At Gartner, we have very detailed methodologies to follow in all our research. This goes through rigorous process with customer interactions, vendor briefings and multiple surveys.
  7. Tell us about one good AR practice you’ve experienced or one good AR event you’ve attended.
    Best AR practice is where the meetings / presentations are spot on in terms of my research agenda, provide a good overview of company strategy and provide the possibility to meet with company executives to exchange views on their vision, their challenges and areas where they are working to improve.
  8. Any hobbies or favorite restaurant / food that you’d like to share?
    I am Italian so you’d expect me to say I love football… but this is not the case. I like basketball, Formula 1, photography and red wine (at least this last one can be related to Italy, can’t it?). I like all kind of food, from sushi to steaks…
  9. What is your biggest challenges for the upcoming 6 months? And for the next 30 minutes?
    During the next 30 minutes, catching a flight back to Munich (yes, it’s delayed), and in the next 6 months to put everything in line for the 2019 MQ and prepare my presentation for our Sourcing and Vendor Management summit, while engaging with probably 200 clients in different topics.
  10. Is there another analyst whose work you rate highly?
    There are so many excellent analysts at Gartner it’s very hard to choose!! So I’ll pass on this one! 🙂

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