IIAR Awards Two AR Professionals with IIAR Certified Expert as it Expands its AR Professional Certification Program

The Institute of Industry Analyst Relations (IIAR) is pleased to recognize the first two recipients – Ellie Warner and Ed Gyurko – as IIAR Certified Experts.

This marks the official launch of two new IIAR certification levels consisting of IIAR Certified Expert (CE) and IIAR Certified Fellow (CF). These qualifications are designed for Analyst Relations (AR) professionals with four or eight years plus experience respectively focused in the AR industry.

Ed Gyurko – IIAR Certified Expert, Former Board Member and Influencer Engagement Manager, Logica (LinkedIn, @edgyurko) one of the first qualifying experts said, “The new IIAR certifications will not only help provide AR professionals with a way of differentiating themselves in the marketplace, but will also help enhance the AR profession overall.

Ellie Warner – IIAR Certified Expert, Director, Corporate Communications APJ, EMC (LinkedIn, @elliewarner) commented, “The new IIAR certifications are good for AR professionals both as individuals and as a community. They not only provide industry recognition, but also help to increase the knowledge base of the AR professional through the best practice white papers and case studies that have to be completed as part of the assessment.”

The aim of the new IIAR certification levels are to provide recognition to those who have provided an outstanding contribution to the industry and are widely recognized as leaders in the field of AR. It is an acknowledgement of expertise and competence within the AR profession and the wider analyst ecosystem. Assessment will be through a review of written materials produced for the AR profession and contribution to the AR industry, including participation in the IIAR. Candidates’ submissions will be judged by panel of three IIAR Certified Fellows or equivalent senior IIAR members designated as Acting Fellows.

The new IIAR certification levels will complement the existing IIAR Certified Professional (CP) examination, which is a multiple choice-based test open to anyone in the industry with two to three years AR experience. There are currently 15 IIAR CP’s worldwide.

With IT industry analysts influencing over 50% of major IT purchase decisions it is critical for technology providers to know how to build and maintain great relationships with these influential analyst firms (e.g. Gartner, Forrester, Ovum, IDC). The IIAR is the sole recognized professional association for AR professionals worldwide.

David Taylor (LinkedIn), Former Board Member and Advanced Certification lead for the IIAR, said “We are excited to be launching the new IIAR certification levels, which for the first time gives AR professionals the opportunity to distinguish themselves through an independent assessment of their knowledge, based on experience. This is something that is unique to the existing AR accreditation practices and will help continue to drive the profession as a whole in terms of recognition and value.”

Since 2009 the IIAR has offered a certification program for AR professionals providing a recognized qualification that technology employers can depend upon. The new, independent assessments will allow AR Practitioners to distinguish themselves professionally and allow technology firms to identify recognized AR leaders.

The IIAR Certified program now consists of three certification levels all independently assessed. For further information please click here or email the IIAR Secretary:

  • IIAR Certified Professional – two to three years’ experience
  • IIAR Certified Expert – four years’ experience plus
  • IIAR Certified Fellow – eight years’ experience plus

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