Ovum AR community call tomorrow (22/11/11)

A picture describes things better than a thousand words. In this case, the logos above depict quite well the changes Ovum experienced over the past few years. It will indeed be quite interesting to hear an update from the firm, now under Informa Telecom and Media (and no longer Datamonitor). There’s been some speculation about the future of Informa, so this call promises to be quite interesting.

Carter Lusher (@carterlusher) sent us the details of their next AR call, see below for more information and registration instructions.

On a side note, it’s good to see some firms holding those calls: Gartner and Ovum now do them regularly and ‘get’ the fact AR is one of their best sales channel in many cases or at least an important influencers. They bring useful insight to AR on how to understand the firms, which is essential for AR professionals to pitch analysts to their internal stakeholders. It would be good indeed to see IDC and Forrester following suit.

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Message from Ovum

The more information analyst relations professionals haveabout an analyst firm the better equipped they will be to interact efficientlyand effectively with the firm and its analysts. In order to enhance AR’sunderstanding of Ovum, a global analyst firm that covers the IT andtelecommunications industries, we are announcing the next in a regular seriesof AR Community Calls. A big goal of these calls will be to answer yourquestions about Ovum and hear your suggestions for how we can work moreeffectively with you and your companies.

Date and Time: Tuesday, 22 November 2011, at 0800 PST, 1100 EDT, 1600 GMT, 1700 CET

 The session will be recorded and made available for replaywithin 48 hours after the live session.

Dial-in Details: Please RSVP carterdotlusheratovumdotcom to receive theconference call info and presentation.

Agenda for the November AR Community Call 2

  • Welcome & introduction
  • Ovum business update
  • Ovum 2012 Industry Congress
  • Ovum IT 2012 Super Themes
  • Sneak preview – Ovum IT 2012Predictions
  • Q&A

The presenters for this AR community call will be: Ian Charlesworth, Director, Research and Analysis, Ovum IT Tim Jennings, Research Fellow and Chief Analyst: Enterprise, Ovum IT Carter Lusher, Research Fellow and Chief Analyst: Enterprise Applications Ecosystem, Ovum IT

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