Recap of Sept 9th Webinar – TPI shares fascinating insights with the IIAR

Yesterday, the IIAR hosted a teleconference with TPI – the world’s leading provider of sourcing data and advisory services for service providers. The two featured speakers on the call were:

  • Paul Reynolds Director and Chief Research Officer, TPI Momentum
  • John Keppell John Keppel, Chief Marketing Officer TPI, Partner & Managing Director TPI Research

During the webinar, TPI shared some fascinating insights about current market dynamics along with an overview of TPI’s research and consulting services

Discussion Hightlights:

  • Perception to not deliver on services is the top reason for end users not selecting a supplier
  • TPI sees a 3x increase on pressure to hire a tier 1 or tier 2 provider in order to reduce risk
  • TPI says new outsourcing adoption fastest growth is among companies ranked in the 201 – 500 range

IIAR members can login into the Huddle workspace for a copy of the presentation here.

For those unfamiliar with TPI and its ASK Momentum service, click on this link for more information –


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