WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Gideon Gartner on the IIAR Blog!

Ovum Fireside Chat with Gideon Gartner, Jonathan Yarmis and David RossiterWell, almost…. Ovum kindly gave us an exclusive for the video below.

Following Datamonitor’s re-launch of their consolidated IT research brands under the Ovum name, they have held two back to back events in London and New York: Collaborative Intelligence launch event.

The London event featured “the Patriarch” Gideon Gartner (the founder of Gartner and Giga), superstar Jonathan Yarmis (LinkedIn, ex. AMR and now with Ovum, @jyarmis) and IIAR co-founder and AR extraordinaire David Rossiter (blog, @davidrossiter, LinkedIn, firm).  The New Amsterdam event was with Carter Lusher instead of David.

The “fireside chat” is on the IT analyst business, its beginnings and weaknesses in the original model bringing technology and business together over the course of the last 20 years. It contains quite a few really good thoughts provoking issues, including:

  • What’s the future of IT analyst firms?
  • Is the average age and experience of analysts decreasing?
  • Should IT analysts be paid like financial analysts, on results?
  • What should be the alternatives to Gartner?

Here are some links to the other videos:

And finally, do check Ovum’s landing page on AMR: Does the Gartnerization of AMR raise concerns about the future quality of their research?

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12 thoughts on “WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Gideon Gartner on the IIAR Blog!”

  1. Thanks for sharing the video. I’m so pleased you’ve made it available to the public.

    Gideon constantly challenges the analyst community to improve how we manage research & analysis and consulting as a business. At the same time, he challenges decision makers to demand improvements in our choices for consuming these analyst services.

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