Join us for the IIAR Café at the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona

If you are going to the Gartner Symposium 2018, Barcelona, drop in to the IIAR Breakfast and join the discussion on all things AR related with Yvonne Kaupp (@YveKaupp, LinkedIn), IIAR Board Member (Chapter Liaison) and Senior Manager Analyst Relations and Market Strategy at Retarus. We’ll have an update on the IIAR, discuss recent Gartner news and other… Read More →

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[GUEST POST] How Analyst Relations Impacts Strategy 

Analyst relations seems straightforward enough – as a tech vendor, you relate key milestones and elements of strategy to those industry analysts who you think will have the greatest reach to your target market. Right? In my opinion though, the best analyst relations professionals also flip that model. With just as much vigour and interest,… Read More →

CXP Group logo (IIAR website)

Why should AR pros call CXP Group?

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s IIAR Webinar with CXP Group (they’ve dropped “le” to my great chagrin), here’s a quick interview summing-up their coverage areas and why analyst relations (AR) professionals should give them a call. With Yannick Carriou (LinkedIn, @YCarriou), Chairman and CEO and Jean-Christophe Bodhuin (LinkedIn, @JCBodhuin), SVP & UK Managing Director, UK Operations from… Read More →

Claire Dessaux

We’ll Miss You Claire

It was with great sadness that I heard Claire Dessaux, Managing Vice President, Research Content and Delivery at Gartner, died recently. Claire struggled with health issues off and on in recent years, but she was still too young to leave us, and her premature death robs the world of a steadfast friend, reliable co-worker, and… Read More →

Christian Holscher (IIAR website)

[GUEST POST] How Analyst & Advisory Relations translates to Business

When even hyper-successful companies like AWS invest in dedicated analyst and advisor relations management although they seem to dominate their markets anyway, it suggests they realize much more value in AR than ‘only’ to position high in an industry report.  Even small innovative businesses seek to engage regularly with the likes of Gartner, Forrester, IDC… Read More →

CXP Group logo (IIAR website)

IIAR Webinar: Le CXP Group, a European powerhouse?

Over the past few months, the analyst community has been experiencing an array of changes, with many analyst departures and career moves shaking up the status quo. As we come back to work and the summer days fade into autumn, there’s no better time to catch-up with analyst firms and understand what has changed, what’s… Read More →

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Around Giorgio Nebuloni from IDC in 10 questions

We have had the pleasure for Giorgio taking time out of his busy schedule to take part in our infamous 10 questions. Giorgio is a research director for IDC’s  European Infrastructure and Cloud research and leads the team of analysts responsible for tracking the cloud infrastructure, server, storage and converged systems markets in Western Europe. What are… Read More →

Analyst relations nightmares (IIAR)

The role of a good AR: does it change during a crisis?

Although crisis situations can at times feel out-of-the-blue, AR nightmares can usually be solved by adhering to a simple to follow maxim: it’s all about communicating what you can, when you can. However, in an escalating crisis of epic proportions, it’s important to ensure that you, as an Analyst & Influencer Relations specialist, tend to… Read More →

Simon Jones, IIAR German Chapter co-lead

Trio of analyst departures at Gartner underlines why backup strategy is so important

Gartner has been forced to delay a Magic Quadrant report for at least six months due to the mass departure of pivotal analysts covering the enterprise data center space.  The delay followed news that analysts Dave Russell and Pushan Rinnen were leaving to join vendors. The duo were the mainstays of the Gartner team covering… Read More →

Julia Pope / IIAR UK Chapter Lead

Effective Measurement: ARe we there yet?

Effective measurement has become a bit of a challenge for AR practitioners, as stakeholders are demanding more tangible, immediate results that can easily be linked to business outcomes. With smaller teams and tighter budgets, AR professionals are under immense pressure to justify investment and prove overall value. As such, the IIAR’s recent webinar on measurement… Read More →

Jon Collins: How not to be an industry analyst (IIAR website)

[GUEST POST] How not to be an analyst? By Jon Collins

Today’s guest post is a long(wish) read by Jon Collins from GigaOm (LinkedIn, @jonno) following our IIAR Webinar on “How not to be an industry analyst?“ If you enjoy this, why not check his “How not to write an autobiography?“   Introduction – a glass of wine… For a start, a bit of background. I never meant to be an… Read More →

Cindy Zhou / Constellation on the IIAR blog

[GUEST POST] Tips to Ensure a Productive Analyst Briefing

Since becoming an industry analyst almost two years ago, I’ve sat in on nearly 100 vendor briefings and have some tips and do’s/don’ts to share to help you prepare for your next analyst session. First, know that Constellation is a firm very accessible to technology companies of all sizes and no, you don’t have to… Read More →

Yannick Carriou @YCarriou, CEO CXP Group interviewed for the IIAR blog - Ludovic Leforestier @lludovic

Le CXP Group moves to consulting – CEO Yannick Carriou interviewed

Le CXP is one of the oldest IT analysis firms around. It was created in 1973, six years before Gartner, under the auspices of the French Ministry of Industry by some of the largest French companies at the time: Air France, Anotec, Bred, BSN (now Danone), EDF, RATP and the Société Générale. Its remit was to… Read More →

Julia Pope / IIAR UK Chapter Lead

[GUEST POST] How to lose an industry analyst in 10 days (and ways)

A few months ago, I joined IIAR’s webinar focused on the IIAR Analyst Relations Professional and Team of the Year 2017. Every year, the IIAR awards analyst relations (AR) professionals and teams based on the results of an annual survey shared with the global industry analyst community. The survey gathers the analysts’ collective insight on AR professionals… Read More →

Laurie McCabe / SMB Group on the IIAR blog

[GUEST POST] How to Create a More Compelling Analyst Event

I thoroughly enjoyed and could very much relate to Jon Reed’s recent post, How to screw up a vendor analyst day – in 12 simple steps. So much so that I’m inspired to write my own take on how to create a more compelling analyst event that’s more rewarding for all involved. Vendors spend a lot of… Read More →

Peggy O'Neill, Senior Director Analyst Relations @ Informatica

[GUEST POST] Why AR Managers Should Fret About Quote Policies by Peggy O’Neill

I’m the most hated person at my company today.   Informatica is holding its customer conference in a few weeks and we’re running around like chickens with our heads cut off to prepare for it. I just blasted out the most obnoxious email to colleagues who are preparing speeches for Informatica World, forcefully reminding them… Read More →

Joshua Seerattan, IIAR Ottawa Chapter

Common Misconceptions and 4 Key Areas Tech Start-ups Can Benefit from Industry Analyst Relations

Industry Analyst Relations is often characterized as a “Pay to Play” endeavor with little opportunity for the bootstrapped tech venture; this is not the case. I would argue that there are opportunities for a dedicated Tech Startup to benefit from pursuing Industry Analyst Relations (IAR) even without a large budget to spend. Keep in mind… Read More →

IIAR AR Professional of the Year

IIAR’s Analyst Relations Professional and Analyst Relations Team of the Year 2018 Webinar

A few weeks ago, right before most of us went on our summer holidays we hosted the annual IIAR Summer Networking event at the EY offices in London, a party kindly sponsored by HCL Technologies and EY. As we begin to settle back into daily work routines, we wanted to take a moment to ponder… Read More →

Amal Nichols / Cisco on the IIAR website

Around Amal Nichols from Cisco in 10 questions

We have the privilege today to interview this year’s IIAR AR Professional 2018 and heading the  IIAR AR Team of the Year 2018, Amal Nichols (@nicholsamal, LinkedIn),Director, Global Analyst Relations at Cisco. She must be doing something right! What’s been your career path to becoming an AR pro? Like many in our field, I started out in… Read More →

Logo IIAR AR Agency of the Year

No penalty shoot out required: the IIAR Analyst Relations Professional of the Year 2018

In the midst of the nation being gripped by World Cup fever, the IIAR Summer Party happened to fall on a historic semi-final appearance by England. But that iconic World Cup Trophy was, of course, very far from being the most important accolade contested tonight. That’s right – tonight was also the announcement of the… Read More →


Three new members join the board of the IIAR

The IIAR is pleased to present the addition of three new members to the IIAR Board as a result of this years’ elections held in June. Please help us welcome Beth, Suzannah and Aniruddho to the IIAR Board, for terms that run from July 1, 2018 through to June 30, 2020. (more…) Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPinterest

2018 IIAR London Summer Networking Event

The IIAR Summer Party celebrating the IIAR AR Professional and Team of 2018

We are excited to announce the date of our famous IIAR Summer Party, which will celebrate the achievements of various analyst relations teams and professionals. The event is kindly sponsored this year by EY and HCL Technologies. Join us in a great riverside location, for a glamorous night of drinks, canapés, and networking on the… Read More →

Jon Collins: How not to be an industry analyst (IIAR website)

[GUEST POST] How not to be an analyst? By Jon Collins

Today’s guest post is a long(wish) read by Jon Collins from GigaOm (LinkedIn, @jonno) following our IIAR Webinar on “How not to be an industry analyst?“ If you enjoy this, why not check his “How not to write an autobiography?“   Introduction – a glass of wine… For a start, a bit of background. I never meant to be an… Read More →

Jon Collins / Inter Orbis and GigaOM

IIAR Webinar with Jon Collins: how not to be an industry analyst?

Jon Collins from GigaOm (LinkedIn, @jonno) first picked up the analyst mantle in 1999, when he sent off a rather too hasty job application after a glass of wine. Since then he worked for, and with, a variety of larger and smaller firms — including picking up IIAR’s European Analyst of the Year award in 2012, a moment… Read More →

AR Best Practice

IIAR Webinar: A Discussion on Effective AR Measurement and Amplification

On Friday 11th May 0800 PDT / 1100 EDT / 1600 BST, IIAR member Gerry Van Zandt (LinkedIn, @gerryvz) from the Oracle Analyst Relations team will host an interactive discussion about how AR can better measure results, and more importantly how AR can better utilize these results. AR managers and leaders tend to be highly focused on… Read More →

Laurie McCabe / SMB Group on the IIAR blog

[GUEST POST] How to Create a More Compelling Analyst Event

I thoroughly enjoyed and could very much relate to Jon Reed’s recent post, How to screw up a vendor analyst day – in 12 simple steps. So much so that I’m inspired to write my own take on how to create a more compelling analyst event that’s more rewarding for all involved. Vendors spend a lot of… Read More →

IIAR negotiating with forrester. aniruddho Mukherjee, ludovic leforestier

IIAR Discussion Group: negotiating with Forrester. Are you getting the best value from your contract?

Feeling the pinch in your negotiation with Forrester on your subscription contract?Do you feel comfortable in buying the multiple seats being pushed your way? Is Forrester covering the technology and business areas that are important for you?  You’re not alone – many of your peers and IIAR members have commented (see the IIAR Tragic Quadrant… Read More →

IIAR negotiating with IDC, aniruddho mukherjee, ludovic leforestier,

IIAR Discussion Group: negotiating with IDC. Are you getting the best value from your contract?

Feeling the pinch in your negotiation with IDC on your subscription contract? Do you feel comfortable in buying the various Customer Segment (CS) options being pushed your way? Are you confident that you are getting value from your contracts? You’re not alone – many of your peers and IIAR members have commented (see the IIAR… Read More →

Margaret Adam / IDC for the IIAR around in 10 questions

Around Margaret Adam from IDC in 10 Questions

This week, we’re delighted to present you some insights from the just promoted Margaret Adam / IDC (@madam_idc, LinkedIn, blog) with our world famous ten questions.   What are your coverage areas? Officially, European Channels and Alliances, more broadly this really looks at all kinds of go-to-market and partnering relationships from traditional channel (distie, VAR, SI, MSP,… Read More →

IIAR German Chapter meeting at Restaurant Ella, Munich

Wrap-up: IIAR Germany 2018 kick-off

A few inches of snow in the deep midwinter in Munich didn’t stop the 2018 IIAR German chapter kick-off from going ahead, with six intrepid AR professionals getting together to exchange news, views and the occasional snippet of gossip – under Chatham House rules, of course. Hosted by IIAR Germany chapter leads Yvonne Kaupp (@YveKaupp, LinkedIn) and Simon… Read More →

Andy Butler, ex. Gartner for the IIAR website

Around Andy Butler / ex. Gartner in 10 questions….

Today we ask our probing questions to the well renowned Andy Butler (LinkedIn) just retired VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner (Alumnus), who gives us his views on the the industry in 10 questions. Enjoy..   How long have you been in the IT industry and where did you begin your career? I can claim a 45 year unbroken… Read More →

IIAR Discussion Group: negotiating with Gartner

IIAR Discussion Group: negotiating with Gartner – is it the new seventies IBM?

Feeling the pinch in your Gartner negotiation? You’re not alone -many members have commented on Gartner’s hard stance and cowboy attitude during negotiations. Out goes partnership and value selling, in comes multi-year lock-in contracts, no discounts policy and no more sweeteners such as Symposium tickets.   Building on our previous conversations niruddho Mukherjee and Ludovic Leforestier will… Read More →

IIAR Sourcing Advisory Group

IIAR Roundtable Findings: How similar are the Sourcing Advisor Relations and Analyst Relations roles in the US? . . .

A few years ago, I transitioned from an AR Practitioner to an Analyst & Advisor Practitioner and have met a few others like me.  I have also met  Analyst Relations professionals who have been thinking about transitioning to Sourcing Advisor Relations (SAR).  To discuss the SAR role in more detail, Ed Gyurko (LinkedIn, @edgyurko) and I created… Read More →

IIAR Sourcing Advisory Group

IIAR Webinar: the state of Advisor Relations: Europe (1 Feb) – Rescheduled

With profound and rapid changes taking place in the Outsourcing Services industry, what does the present and future look like for the sourcing advisory firms and those executives who manage relations with advisors. ISG estimates 30+ new Advisor Relations positions for 2018. One of the feeding grounds for Advisor Relations is Analyst Relations. Roles are… Read More →

Nutanix logo

[JOB POSTING] Analyst Relations Manager / Nutanix, San Jose, CA, USA

Analyst Relations Manager Marketing San Jose, California Req.Num.: 10284 What You’ll Do The Analyst Relations Manager is a key role for Nutanix. You will be responsible for communicating the disruptive vision of Nutanix to some of the smartest analysts at leading firms around the world. You will gather feedback, separate real insights from the chaff,… Read More →

Equinix logo on the IIAR website

[JOB POSTING] Senior Analyst Relations Manager / Equinix, Redwood City, CA, USA

The Senior Analyst Relations Manager will be responsible for developing positive relationships with leading industry analysts and securing coverage from key firms to amplify Equinix’s strategy, differentiation and role in the Cloud and IT Infrastructure space. Job Summary Detail oriented, self-starter, team player with strong knowledge of telecom, colocation, cloud and IT landscape Must bring… Read More →

Amazon Web Services (AWS) logo on IIAR website

[JOB POSTING] Six roles at Amazon Web Services / Seattle, WA, USA

Amazon Web services is investing in analyst relations (AR), see this post on the IIAR LinkedIn Group. They’re all based at HQ in Seattle, Washington state. The list is below, we’re checking the missing links! Analyst Relations Manager, Field Enablement (Job ID: 784382) Analyst Relations Manager, Serverless and Containers (Job ID: 777226) AWS Analyst Relations… Read More →

Tableau software large logo on the IIAR website

[JOB POSTING] Analyst Relations Manager, Tableau, Seattle / WA, USA

What you’ll be doing… The Analyst Relations Manager is responsible for driving Analyst Relations projects that contribute to the overall success of the AR team and Corporate Communications department and manage the internal communication and sharing of relevant Analyst materials with key leaders and employees.  (more…) Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPinterest

Splunk logo

[JOB POST] Senior Analyst Relations Manager – Analytics platform Marketing, Splunk / San Jose, San Francisco, California

Join us as we pursue our disruptive new vision to make machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone. Our company is filled with people who are passionate about our product and seek to deliver the best experience for our customers. At Splunk, we’re committed to our work, our customers, having fun, and dedicated to… Read More →

Cap Gemini Logo

[JOB POST] Global Analyst Relations Director / Capgemini, London, UK

Who you’ll be working with Reporting to the VP of Content, Digital and Influencers, the Analyst Relations Director will be part of the Global Marketing and Communications organisation within Capgemini.  You will be highly collaborative  and will  work closely with senior executives across business units, sectors, portfolio offerings and regions in a highly complex environment…. Read More →

BT logo

[JOB POST] Analyst and Consultant Relations, BT Global Services / London, UK

An exciting opportunity has arisen within our Global Services division (addressing multinational corporations’ ICT needs) to join our top performing Analyst Relations team and play a big part in the design and delivery of our global Analyst and Consultant Relations (ACR) programme. In this role you’ll be reporting to our Global Head of ACR and… Read More →

EY logo

[JOB POST] Advisory Analyst Relations, (Full Time Maternity Cover) E&Y / London, UK or New York, USA

The BMC function has an important role to play in helping to achieve EY’s Vision 2020 ambition to become the leading global professional services organization. We work hand in hand with the business to take services and solutions to market; bring our purpose, building a better working world, to life for our people, clients and… Read More →

Pluralsights logo - IIAR

[JOB POSTING] Director of Analyst Relations, Pluralsight, Boston

Pluralsight is looking for an experienced analyst relations leader to manage the global analyst relations program. We need an energetic self-starter who has successfully built and developed strong, impactful analyst relations programs before. Our ideal candidate has knowledge of the IT and software market or a similar industry, market trends, new technologies, and our competitors…. Read More →

Accenture logo

[JOB POST] Global Media & Analyst Relations Manager – Communications, Media & Technology, Accenture / San Francisco or Seattle, USA

Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialized skills across more than 40 industries and all business functions – underpinned by the world’s largest delivery network – Accenture works at the intersection of business and… Read More →