How Big is the IT Research Market ?

IIAR Webinar Report – Outsell provided an overview of the IT Research Market – 26th March 2014

Outsell VP, Harry Henry (@harryhenry), provided an early look at how results for 2013 wound up for the IT Research players as well as the main forces weighing on the overall business information markets. Harry also reviewed how the widespread availability of data, impact of social media and wave of marketing automation start-ups has affected all market research organizations.

This webinar by Harry Henry of Outsell Inc. focused on the details of the IT Research providers and understanding the size and market share of those companies prominent in the market. But rather than just talk about those top 10 or so companies, the story here was to put them into context of the rest of the market research segments and in turn how that fits into the overall information market.

Information providers in total have are at a level where their global revenue is nearly ¾ of a trillion dollars. That is almost as large as the advertising industry. Within that big bucket, market research firms have typically provided the key data and analysis for industry. However, this segment is under increasing pressure from the changing market environment with digital data everywhere.

For the full webinar presentation a recording of this IIAR Webinar is available (for members) here.


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1 thought on “How Big is the IT Research Market ?”

  1. Totally misclassifies NPD and under values the entire market by close to a $1billion by not understanding the smaller and more specialized firms that are growing to fill the need for Gartner alternatives. No mention of buy side vs sell side revenue. Also actually gets the numbers wrong as per the public record for both Gartner and Forrester. Not up to their usual standard at all.

    If you’re interested KCG has its own take on the market which was published earlier in March. Over 100 people came to five webinars to hear the results. 20% EMEA and 10% APAC for which we produced specific analyses with our regional parters.

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