IIAR Webinar with Outsell – 26th March 2014 @ 4pm UK

The Technology Research Market … and where it fits in the bigger picture


Companies in the IT Research space have always carried a big reputation – often appearing to be bigger than they are and drawing interest from many corners. Outsell, Inc. has been an industry watcher of the research and business information space for many years and conducts an annual market size and share effort for the IT Research space as well as related information markets.

Outsell VP, Harry Henry (@harryhenry), will provide us with an early look at how results for 2013 wound up for the IT Research players as well as the main forces weighing on the overall business information markets. He will also review how the widespread availability of data, impact of social media and wave of marketing automation start-ups has affected all market research organizations.

  • Learn about the size, shape and market share of key players in the IT Research space
  • Gain a perspective of IT research in the context of the overall market research environment
  • Understand the larger picture of the information markets and the driving forces impacting research today

In his capacity as VP & Practice Leader, Harry Henry leads Outsell’s research and advisory programs in the areas of marketing, media and analytics. A full bio for Harry can be found here.

This IIAR Webinar, on the 26th March 2014, will start at 4pm – UK (5pm – CET, 12 Noon – USA) is free to attend for all IIAR Members. New members are always welcome, either press the relevant button below or complete the form.

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The IIAR look forward to joining you at the Webinar on the 26th March, it will be a “not-to-miss” session for all.

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