IIAR Webinar – A Fiery Fireside Chat with R “Ray” Wang of Constellation Research and Phil Fersht of HfS.

constellationResearch_logo[1]hfsresearch_logo_small.pngA Fiery Fireside Chat with R “Ray” Wang of Constellation Research and Phil Fersht of HfS.

Disrupting the status quo of the legacy analyst firms:

An IIAR Webinar with les enfants terribles of the industry research industry. Speak with two disruptors, they’re both loud, they claim to break away from what they call legacy research but what are they really doing differently? Are they influential other than on Twitter?

Don’t miss the opportunity to join R “Ray” Wang and Phil Fersht in what promises to be a “fiery” discussion. 

This IIAR Webinar is open to all IIAR Members who may register here. Non-members who are interested in joining the IIAR may attend the Webinar on a “Try-before-you-Buy” basis. This allows non-members to attend one IIAR event to see if it is for you. This is a great event for prospective members to attend, don’t miss the opportunity – please register and contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

This webinar will be moderated by Mike Meyers (@M_Myers, LinkedIn) and Ludovic Leforestier (@lludovicLinkedIn).

8 thoughts on “IIAR Webinar – A Fiery Fireside Chat with R “Ray” Wang of Constellation Research and Phil Fersht of HfS.”

  1. Stephen,
    That was a rethorical question, but thanks for commenting 😉
    Influence is a loose term, I prefer to speak in terms of Strategic Insight, Sales impact, Marketing leverage and Opinion shaping.

    See the AR Compass paper on this subject: http://iiar.wpcomstaging.com/2013/05/10/iiar-best-practice-webinar-the-ar-compass/

    In a nutshell, it’s horses for courses: not all vendors want or can to directly impact their buyers. Some of the largest companies prefer to shape a long term agenda via white papers and other marketing strategies. If you think that has no impact, then check who popularised the term “Smart Cities”…

  2. Here’s a rather more fundamental KCG perspective. Influence IS sales impact and is job #1 for outbound AR groups . All vendors CAN impact their buyers if they target the right influencers. 99% of all AR groups do not have the time to do anything other than job #1. Ray and Phil have their own “hot spots” as do every firm/analyst. Knowing every analyst’s exact coverage areas and end user reach is the end game.

    1. Stephen,
      I respectfully disagree. Influence is proteiform and some vendors should not try to seek direct sales impact. It’s right in many cases, but not for say some forms of business consulting or companies with an indirect sales model.
      What you say though about individual analyst is absolutely right though: it’s about the right influencer, for the right message, in the right channel and for the right target.
      Finally, trying to guess where you’re coming from: many AR pros come from a PR background and are setting targets against “clippings,” a sure way to fail.

  3. Of the dozens of vendor AR groups I speak to most weeks, none have ever told me they are NOT seeking direct sales impact. That’s including consulting, those selling through channels and those in the food chain of hardware. Some seek some exposure as well but none choose to ignore sales influence. Can you help me identify a vendor who does not need sales impact?

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