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Following on from the recent IIAR APJ panel discussion on New Analyst Firm Business Models, we hear from Phil Hassey – Founder of capioIT. Phil set up the company two years ago having established the Australian and Services business units at Springboard Research  where he was Vice President and been Services Director for IDC. He is widely regarded as one of the leading IT experts in the Asia-Pacific region. You can hear more via his blog and on twitter.

  1. What are your coverage areas?
    capioIT focuses on emerging technology and delivery models in emerging markets. From that footing there is a focus on integrating the emerging and disruptive business models from technology to the business.
  2. What are your opinions of the IT Analysis Marketplace and where do you see it going?
    The broad church that is the IT Analysis marketplace is on the cusp of fundamental change. The days of IT analyst firms from New England completely dominating the market will reduce with increased opportunity and demand for insight from emerging markets (geographic and technology) based analyst/advisory firms.
  3. Now, c’mon, tell me an AR horror story?
    It always comes down to vendors, and specifically execs not understanding the fact that the Asia Pacific market is 20 unique and independent countries. It can be the US based execs who come to Asia Pacific to avoid a Northern Hemisphere winter, or Indian firms who tend to miss the intimate cultural details of an otherwise well-known location. Unfortunately some AR managers are not experienced or connected enough to help educate the executives on where they are or who they are talking to.
  4. How do you position your firm? What is your business model?
    By some measure, capioIT is a tale of two businesses. The ANZ business is focused on end-user revenue, whereas my work in Asia Pacific tends to be vendor based. Having said that, I have undertaken end-user work in Asia, Africa and Chile in the last 12 months. It varies a lot. I like the diversity and intellectual challenge that this brings.
  5. What is your research methodology, in 255 characters or less?
    I tend to avoid quantitative research as I need to talk to technology and business execs who actually make decisions and have an impact on budget, not those who wish they did, as a result my focus is deep primary research with senior executives.
  6. Any favourite AR professional you’d like to mention? Any why?
    Overall whilst there is a lot more we need to do in terms of AR in Asia Pacific, I am really appreciative of the combined efforts of AR pro’s who have made a real career out of Asia Pacific AR. Professionals like Junaidah Dahlian (APAC Verizon), Huey Miin Leong (APAC Cisco) and Emma Rogers (APAC VMware) have identified AR as a long term career option in the Asia Pacific region.
  7. Tell us about one good AR practice you’ve experienced or one good AR event you’ve attended.
    I was really impressed with the recent Infosys Worldwide AR event in Boston in July this year. It was professionally organised and a real sign of growing maturity of the Indian IT providers from an AR perspective. It helps that they have a strong lead in Wendy Shlensky who intrinsically understands what we as analysts need and want.
  8. What are your offerings and key deliverables? 
    Whilst I am primarily focused on consulting as I build the business out, I have completed an increased number of syndicated reports around BI, IT services delivery and SAP services. This will expand in the future. Consulting topics include integration of technology to business operations for end users and helping understanding the issues in key emerging markets for vendors.
  9. What is your biggest challenges for the upcoming six months? And for the next 30 minutes?
    capioIT turns two later this month. The focus for the next six months is maturing the research product and building a defined capability in key disruptive markets. Even in emerging markets we are reminded daily that we are in a global economy with a range of challenges so it is impossible to take an eye off that. Aside from that, scalability whilst maintaining a level of customer intimacy and satisfaction is always a key challenge for me.
  10. Is there another analyst whose work you rate highly?
    I would like to acknowledge the late Alex Motsenigos from IDC. He was always a very diligent and committed analyst who did the hard yards as an analyst in a very positive fashion. He is missed in the industry as well as of course within IDC.

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