IIAR Exam version 2.0 Launched Today

We are pleased to announce that work has been completed on the IIAR Certified Professional Exam and version 2.0 is now available online.

All current Board members and Secretary have completed the test successfully and are proud members of the IIAR Certified Professional LinkedIn club. We thought it was important to practice what we preached and so having sat the original test, the Board got together to look at questions which needed clarifying, updating or taking out altogether. Criticisms of the old test had included complicated wording, confusion over double negatives and some of the multiple choice options. We’ve gone through each question with a fine tooth-comb and are now happy that the test offers straight forward questions, with questions relating to today’s challenges and demands of the AR professional.

There are a few less questions, now 117 in total rather than 120 but the time limit of 90 minutes remains the same, which should give candidates plenty of time to double-check answers where necessary. It is an open-book exam and can be taken at any time but it must be taken in one sitting.

Candidates who would like to take the test should email the IIAR Secretary who will send through unique login details and password so you can access the test.

The test is free for IIAR members and £100 for non-members. This includes the opportunity of one retake if candidates initially fail the test. The required pass mark is 70% and candidates will be notified within 48-hours of their result. For further information please see the website. The study guide to help you prepare for this exam is available online or members can view it via huddle.

What are you waiting for – go on, have a go!

And stay tuned for an update on the Advanced Certification. Previous IIAR Board member, David Taylor, has done a lot of work on this and we will be working with him closely over the next months with a view to launching it later in the year.

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