Industry leaders discuss the challenge for outsourcing vendors’ AR

Yesterday I hosted a panel of AR leaders to discuss AR best practices in an IIAR phone call. All of them have amazing insights and experience:

  • Larry Bissinger (@LarryBiss, LinkedIn) of HP in Plano, TX leads up HP Enterprise Services Industry Analyst Relations, and previously had a similar role at EDS.
  • Wendy Shlensky (@WLS26, LinkedIn) is Industry Analyst Relations at Infosys (topics such as RIM, Packaged Apps [ERP, SCM,CRM], Testing, SOA, Cloud, SAAS, BPO, BI, Europe), Yogini, ice cream lover
  • Sushma Rajagopalan (LinkedIn), is Head Global Strategy – L&T Infotech. Since 2007 she has headed Global Strategy, M&A and Marketing
  • Rob Petrucelli (@RobboPetro,LinkedIn) is the Global Director of Technology AR at Accenture and is based in NYC. Rob has been with Accenture for 10 years and previously worked in AR at KPMG Consulting and also spent several years at Gartner in the 90s.

The discussion covered a wide range of questions and issues. How should vendor firms assess the influence on the buy side clients of the proliferation of new firms set up by analysts leaving ‘branded’ analyst firms? Some are creating ‘affiliations’ that include individual analysts that may or may not include others in the firms they work with. One example is Ray Wang’s Constellation Research and Phil Fersht with his Horses for Sources group of analysts. In the call, we talked over how we can determine if their ‘value’ decreases or increases with end user clients using their recommendations for making decisions.

IIAR Members can read the details notes from the call can be found here on Huddle.

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