[GUEST POST] Creative Intellect Consulting joins CCS Insight as firm expands enterprise research coverage

Bola Rotibi and her team at Creative Intellect Consulting are joining CCS Insight.

Bola becomes research director, software development, and will lead CCS Insight’s research in the software development and delivery market.

The move expands CCS Insight’s coverage of the enterprise IT market. Although originally specialising in the mobile sector, the firm has been expanding into other areas in recent years.

In the enterprise market, CCS Insight now covers cloud computing, enterprise AI and machine learning, business applications of the Internet of things, and the digital workplace.

Nick McQuire, who is VP of enterprise research at CCS Insight, said: “Bola and her team bring first-rate knowledge of software development technologies, processes and market trends, which are all vital areas in enterprise transformation. Their experience will not only improve our enterprise research, but also increase the value we offer to our customers.”

Bola commented: “I’m truly excited to be bringing research insights and technical expertise to an analyst firm that is so well-respected. By becoming part of CCS Insight, we’ll greatly extend our research in the software development sector and continue to offer unrivalled expertise to an ever-changing industry. I’m looking forward to working together to create a world-class service for our clients.”

Creative Intellect Consulting, founded in 2010 by Bola, is an analyst research, advisory and consulting firm specialising in software development, delivery and lifecycle management across the software and IT spectrum along with their impacts on and alignment with business. 

It’s not been confirmed yet but we’re hoping/expecting that Bola will be speaking at the always popular CCS Insight Predictions event, which is taking place in London on 3rd October. 

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