Who’ll be the Analyst Relations Professional of the Year 2016?

IIAR AR Professional of the Year“The AR practices have become much better in recent years!”

revealed one Gartner Analyst who participated to the IIAR 2016 survey.

It’s now near the time to announce results of the second AR Professional of the year survey run by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations! Who will succeed as top AR professional current title-holder Clare Loxley? Is responsiveness still the single most important determinant of AR performance? As well as announcing the best AR team and the best AR Professional of the Year, this year’s survey will also provide unique insights about the evolution in analysts’ perception of AR performance.

Analysts have now voted…No drum roll yet – we’re not ready to announce the winner just now, but we will during the IIAR Summer party at the HMS Belfast on Wednesday the 6th of July – promise!

This is a survey of all industry analysts from all firms across the globe, designed to ask their opinion of AR across a number of criteria for the year 2016. It was conducted by the IIAR and kindly sponsored by AR Insights, using their database of over 7,000 analysts to ensure a sufficient sample size and representativeness across Regions.

We’d like to thank those hundreds of analysts who were willing to give their time to participate to our survey and provide their inputs, with Gartner among the major analyst firms very much cooperative this year, providing 27 % of the overall responses. We looked at the analysts’ perception of how AR professionals are performing as a whole and compare it with results from the past, according to the ‘Three Rs’ of AR:

  • Responsiveness
  • Relationship
  • Results

As for the results, well they yielded a few surprises, as well as confirming a few things we already intuitively knew. Check out this blog for more details coming soon!

For the full results please join the webinar scheduled for Friday 8th of July, 15.30pm BST/ 16.30pm CET/ 07.30 PDT/ 10.30 EDT

To register for the webinar please click here note the webinar is open to IIAR members only.


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