The IIAR opens its German Chapter

As an analyst relations manager you may ask yourself the question: Should I do any specific German AR? Should I run an activity at CeBIT in Hanover, or at the Supercomputing show in Leipzig or set up exclusive f2f meetings with analysts at some location like Munich or Frankfurt, and maybe do it in local language? Should I send my stakeholders to a local analyst event like the Gartner CIO summit in Berlin?

How does the German analyst landscape look like. Which industry and analyst events are relevant? How big is the German analyst firms’ influence?

City center of Munich, Germany
City center of Munich, Germany

If you are an analyst relations manager working for a company from outside Germany which is having great ambitions in the European market and counting Germany amongst its focus countries, you should ask yourself these questions. If you are an AR manager working for a German vendor, you will know very well what is going on in the German market, but may have different challenges and questions.

All these questions now receive a platform with the German Chapter which IIAR today announced in its webinar about what makes an AR program at CeBIT successful.

Recording of the Webinar and presentation available for IIAR Members to download here.

The intent of the local chapter is to establish a strong AR community in Germany, to enable best practices sharing, fuel a lively discussion with the analysts based in Germany and give the AR community a voice. Objective is also to promote German AR as a profession, as an important part of strategic communications and value creation.

We will kick off with activities like webinars, regular f2f meetings which we want to call “AR Stammtisch” and we also will share deliverables like white papers, blog entries or Q&A papers.

We look very much forward to going into the discussion with you.

In case of questions, talk to  or  Yvonne Kaupp (LinkedIn, @YveKaupp), Simon Jones (LinkedIn, @MrNesjo) or Sven Litke (LinkedIn, @SvenLitke).

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