PAC does Nordic


PAC (@PAC_Consultants) did not go as far as Lapland but came back from Northern shores with another “strategic partnership”, this time with Radar Ecosystems (@radareco) -a Swedish firm.

As with TBR, the press release is scant on details but we can speculate the deal is about cross-selling and extending its geographic reach.

What to look for next?

The key proof of any wedding puddings is in joint offerings, common marketing messages and combined sales approaches -such as account planning, global licence deals, etc.

What impact for AR professionals?

PAC continues to internationalise itself, AR pros should take this into account when considering global influencers.

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3 thoughts on “PAC does Nordic”

  1. PAC, like many smaller firms, is realizing it’s a sales game – that’s why Gartner takes 70+% of all end user spend globally. Assume this is nothing more than a joint sales agreement unless proven otherwise, and you won’t go far wrong. Let me know if you’d like to see how we position PAC in our Mystical Box Chart (MQ) by region and market.

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